12"x10 Yards Orange Organza With Velvet Embroidery Fabric Bolt, DIY Craft Fabric Roll

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Quantity: 1 Fabric Bolt
Material: Stiff Organza with Velvet Embroidery
Color: Orange
Measurements: 12" W x 10 Yards
Edges are not finished
These fabric bolts are perfect for draping tables, ceilings, walls, and can also be used to fuel your own creativity.


Embroidered Velvet Organza

Rejoice in the divine beauty and seamless sophistication of brilliantly embroidered velvet flowers on sheer organza. Spread atop your tables or design ritzy apparels to highlight the enchanting floral pattern on sheer organza on a lighter shade of underlining fabric. Perfect for Backdrops, Dress Making, Prom Dresses, Runners, Hanging Decor, Draping Tables, and Ceilings, this one-of-a-kind fabric design will magically transform your ambiance with its finesse.


Sheer Organza Fabric Bolt

Our delicately fashioned sheer organza fabric is beautifully embroidered with a matching color velvet to create an avant-garde design. Flaunt the dramatic flair and swanky appeal of shimmering organza with exclusive embellishments for apparels, table linens, table runners, chair sashes, backdrop panels, arch décor, headpieces, hair accessories, favor & gift boxes, vases, and centerpieces.


Wholesale Fabric Roll

Behold the classy and majestic look of our extravagant masterpiece featuring super soft velvet embroidery over shimmering organza to enhance the visual appeal of every object it embraces. Throw some limelight to highlight all features of the fabric and amaze the audience with its fanciful appearance. Charming and classy, this fabric is perfect for making lovely décor accents for events as well as to spruce your home interiors up.


Additional Information:

  • Uses: Interiors for Curtains, Tablecloths, Seat Cushions, Protective Covers, Dress Making, Shelf Liners, Totes, DIY Crafts, Runners, Hanging Decor, Draping Tables and Ceilings.