19" Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Mylar Foil Helium/Air Balloon

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Size: 19"

Quantity: 1 PC/Order
Material: Mylar Foil
Style: Engagement Ring
Length of the Ring: 19"
Width of the Ring: 8"
Length of the Jewel: 9"
Ships Unflated
Ideal for engagement wedding bridal shower anniversary party


Wedding Ring Balloons

Big gestures make big impact, like our Giant Mylar Foil Celebration Balloons. With exciting fun shapes and jumbo sizes, these balloons are sure to get your party rocking! Sleek Aluminum Foil Surface coupled with huge ring shaped design makes these balloons a perfect decorative accent for Weddings, Engagements, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other festive events.


Diamond Shaped Balloons

Inflate these super-sized Balloons in no time with our Balloon Hand Pumps or Portable Electric Air Blower Balloon Pump Inflators and create DIY Balloon Arches, Balloon Columns, Balloon Centerpieces, and Balloon Banners by clipping the balloons together with our Balloon Buckle Clips.


Mylar Foil Balloons Decor

The self-sealing valve helps in easy inflation and deflation. Float these in the air or stick to the wall, roof, and fixtures to create cheerful party ambiances. Pair with our Foil Number and Letter Balloons, Champagne Bottle and Goblet Balloons and with Bride/ Groom Dress Balloons to complete your stunning party decoration.