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2 Pack 18" Tall Gold Crystal Beaded Goblet Votive Tealight Candle Holder Wedding Centerpiece

Item Number: CHDLR_029_GOLD

$59.99 Sale Price
$869.90 Retail Price

  • Size-18" height
  • 5" diameter base
  • Top opening 3" - 5" tall for crystal part
  • 4" diameter for center of the crystal part
  • Material: Metal with Acrylic crystals
  • Quantity: 2 pcs /order

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Fill your party space with oodles of shimmer and glimmer, decorate your ambiance with glitz and glam that is fit for the royalty. Feel like a crystal princess, exuding regal sheen all around with amazing sparkling crystal beaded chandeliers adorning your party tables, oozing heaps of imperial radiance all around. Our splendid crystal chandeliers are ornamented with multitudes of glimmering crystal beads that emanate surreal luminosity, while stunning metal ring adorning the center has amazing vine accents that look absolutely breathtaking. This beaded crystal embellished chandelier is an ideal decorative accent to enliven any party space with its unsurpassed shine and peerless elegance!

Additional Information

  • Size-18" height
  • 5" diameter base 
  • Top opening 3" - 5" tall for crystal part 
  • 4" diameter for center of the crystal part.
  • Uses : Wedding, Party,  Birthday, Event, Table Decoration, Centerpieces



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