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2 Pack | 5ft Frosted Green Artificial Leaf Garland With Flexible Vine

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  • Pack of 2 Leaf Garland$4.10 each
  • Case of 12 Packs(24 Leaf Garlands Total)$3.69 per garlandSave 10%

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Quantity: 2 Garlands
Material: High Quality Flexible Plastic
Type: Greenery Garlands
Color: Green & Frosted Green
Each Garland Length: 5 FT
Each Garland Width: 8"
Total Bunches per Garland: 34
Total Stems per Bunch: 3
Total Leaves per Stem: 16
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Can be used for both Indoor & Outdoor Decoration


    Artificial Leaf Garland

    Add everlasting color and texture to your decorations and crafts with our amazing range of evergreens! Our fake greenery garlands replicate the real foliage in an extremely realistic way. Featuring detailed leaves and glossy plastic texture, the garland mimics the refreshing charm of real live plants. Fashioned in lovely shade of light and dark green, these vines will impart serene scenic beauty to your home, garden, or event’s décor. Bring a fresh, fanciful feel to your space with these extra-long leafy vines swaged over doors, wrapped around columns, hung from arches, pipe and drape canopies, gazebos and overhead frames and structures.

    Green Garland

    Decorate and design like a pro by surrounding your guests entirely in luscious natural foliage by adding overhead floral chandeliers and lavish draping designs with our greenery and floral garlands suspending enticingly. Create a forest or jungle theme ambiance by simply hanging multiple vines at the entrance to your party and make your guests feel the tranquil festive energy the moment they arrive. Besides being realistic to touch and visually appealing, our faux greenery garlands are flexible enough to be used in myriads of ways.

    Frosted Green Artificial Leaf

    Wrap it around wedding arch or trellis, make stunning table centerpieces by laying it atop fairy string lights, winding around flameless LED candles, or dangling from our vintage planters, pots, and vases, making lovely Christmas decorations on mantelpieces, or adding these to your flower displays and bouquets. Being almost 62" long, you can even cut these into smaller sections for your DIY craft projects or to decorate wreaths and Christmas tree Floral Table Runners, decorate Photo Booths and backdrops, adorn Flower Walls and Panels, and so on. With their ceaseless charm and undying hues, our Hydrangea Garlands will continue coloring your life and events for the years to come!.

    Additional Information:

    • Each Stem Length: 5" 
    • Each Leaf Size: 0.75" L x 0.25" W
    • Stem (with nothing) Length: 3" 
    • Features: Can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor Decorations
    • Perfect to decorate Wedding Arch, Backdrops, Photo booth, Party tables, Vases and Pillars
    • This beautiful garland is a must have accent for your Wedding, Event, Prom and Homecoming theme decorations.