2 Stems | 38" Tall Turquoise Artificial Silk Rose Flower Bouquet Bush

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Quantity: 2 Stems (14 Rose Heads)
Material: High Quality Silk
Color: Turquoise
Overall Size: 38"H x 10"W
Total Roses per Stem: 7pcs

Roses Info:

  • 3x Large Roses: 1.5"H x 3" Diameter
  • 1x Medium Rose: 1.5"H x 2.5" Diameter
  • 2x Small Roses: 1.5"H x 1.5" Diameter
  • 1x Bud: 1.25"H x 0.75" Diameter
  • Leaf Size: 1.5"-2.25"L x 1"-1.5"W
    Has bendable wire inside stem
    Waterproof: Yes

    California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


    Tall Turquoise Artificial Silk Rose Flowers

    Freshen up any space and impart timeless beauty to your ambiance with our surprisingly lifelike artificial blooms. Crafted with intricate skillfulness, these faux flowers mimic the charming vibrancy and delicate structure of fresh roses. With stunning realistic formation and charismatic coloration, our handcrafted silk roses will bring the blossoming beauty of a spring orchard into your home, office, or party space.


    Lifelike Turquoise Rose Flower Bouquets

    Enliven any space with the lush colors and thriving magnetism exuded by our authentically styled silk Flowers. Replicating the soft silky texture of real blooms and buds, our Rose Bouquet will add an instant visual element to any arrangement and decoration. Featuring extra-long bendable stem, these artificial stemmed rose buds and blooms are ideal for creating a dazzling display of height and dimension. Flaunt in narrow vases, sleek jars, tall planters, and floor vases, or blend with other realistic flowers and foliage, sprays, and garlands to create an artistic floral masterpiece.


    Long Stem Turquoise Rose Bushes

    Tall stemmed rose buds and blooms coupled with lush lifelike leaves and foliage give an enchanting finishing look to the bouquet, while high quality silk flower formation furthers heightens the realistic radiance of these roses. Oozing ceaseless bloom, these silk roses will add liveliness and cheerfulness into your home decorations, backdrops, flower arrangements, and table centerpieces etc. Unlike their fresh counterparts, these undying silk blossoms will always stay colorful, vibrant, and blooming, exuding everlasting festive colors of happiness all around.


    Additional Information:

    • Quantity: 2pcs Long Stem Roses (14 Rose Heads)
    • Material: High Quality Silk
    • Color: Turquoise
    • Overall Size: 38"H x 10"W
    • Total Roses per Stem: 7pcs
    • Roses Info:
    • 3x Large Roses: 1.5"H x 3" Diameter
    • 1x Medium Rose: 1.5"H x 2.5" Diameter
    • 2x Small Roses: 1.5"H x 1.5" Diameter
    • 1x Bud: 1.25"H x 0.75" Diameter
    • Leaf Size: 1.5"-2.25"L x 1"-1.5"W
    • Has bendable wire inside stem
    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Uses: Ideal for Room, Coffee Shop, Hotel, Restaurants, Catered Events, Graduation And Picnic Decoration. also used in Bouquet, Photo Props, Anniversaries, Corsage, Scrapbooking, Souvenirs, Pew Bows, Wreath Decor and a Perfect Gift Idea.
    • Note: Watch for Thorns as they are sharp even if it's plastic

      California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS