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23g Bottle | Metallic Green Extra Fine Arts and Crafts Glitter Powder

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Quantity: 1 Bottle of Extra Fine Glitter
Material: Plastic
Color: Green
Net Weight: 23 grams
Bottle Height: 3"
Bottle Diameter: 1"
Glitter Size: 1/64"
Please keep out of reach of children
Non-Toxic and Extra-Fine glitters


Additional Information:

  • Glitter is NOT UV/Solvent Resistant
  • Convenient Pourable Press-on Top
  • Uses: Perfect for Making Ornaments, Glittery Slime, Decorate Tumblers, Home, Office, Coffee Shop Decor, Masks, Dresses, Small DIY Projects, Glass Ornament, Facial Glitter, Glitter Jars, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Gift Decorating, Christmas Tree and Centerpiece Décor.