3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Tower Dessert Stand, Hollow Lace Design Round Tiered Cake Stand - 21"

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Quantity: 1 Cupcake Stand
Material: Metal
Color: Gold
Style: 3-Tier w/ Hollow Lace Pattern Trays
Overall Size: 21"W x 17.25"H
Height Of Each Tier: 6.25"H, 12"H, 17.25"H
Each Plate Diameters: 8", 10", 12"
Plate Heights: 2"
Base Size: 13.75"Dia. x 0.75"H
Features: High Quality Metal, Sturdy, Lightweight, Durable, Multi Use
Assembly Required: Yes. Easy to Assemble.
Instruction Included: Yes


<strong>Elegant Gold Metal Cupcake Display Stand</strong>

Elegant Gold Metal Cupcake Display Stand

Make your desserts look ultra-elegant with our 3-tier gold metal cupcake dessert display stand. With a height of 21", this stunner features a rich, glamorous hollow lace design sure to send off an air of exuberance and opulence. Imagine a wedding or baby shower, this dazzling stand in the middle of your dessert table, with guests complimenting your great sense of taste in decor. Nothing takes your display up a notch like this finish, ensuring the stand will match lots of different themes and color schemes while adding a touch of class to your event.

Round in design, each of the three tiers allows enough space for the display of any type of treat, stretching from mini cupcakes and cookies to tiny cake treats and dainty pastries. The tiered design allows for the cascade effect, which means you can be sure you maximize the area on your display while keeping a small footprint on your table. Such thoughtful design ensures this is a great fit for large and small gatherings—you never want to run out of space for all your beautiful creations while cluttering your setup.

This cupcake stand is made with high-grade metal material, ensuring its durability. The base is perfectly sturdy, giving you stability to load as many desserts on it as you want without the fear of wobbling and tipping over. The gold finish is also tarnish- and corrosion-proof to ensure the stand keeps being as beautiful over the years.

<strong>Versatile Display for Any Event</strong>

Versatile Display for Any Event

Our 3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Dessert Display Stand is versatile to the point that it is an essential requirement for, perhaps, an event planner. You can display it from a wedding, birthday, and baby shower to all sorts of events. The stand is beautiful and adds elegance to your dessert table, making your simple treats look like a gourmet display. You can use it to display many types of desserts, such as macarons, mini pastries, and so on.

A stand like this is all you need to impress everyone at the wedding. Adorn each tier with beautiful flowers, creating a stunning spectacle. The height and elegance of the stand will make your dessert table look absolutely superb.
Our dessert stand will make a birthday setup a little bit more fun and convenient. You set the birthday cake on the top level, surrounded by colorful cupcakes at the bottom. Two in one; it becomes so visually attractive and easy to reach. Both add up to a great experience for your guests. The stand may also be accented at the top with cake toppers, flowers, or a themed accent to ensure it is perfectly tailored with the decor at your event. Whether it is a children's birthday or the main celebrations of adults, thanks to the presence of this stand, the atmosphere will be raised, with every event turning into a shining party.

<strong>Sophisticated Tiered Display Stand</strong>

Sophisticated Tiered Display Stand

Our 3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Dessert Display Stand is designed to be as beautiful as it is functional. This very unique, multi-tier design maximizes space vertically so that you have the greatest flexibility in how you display all kinds of cupcake and dessert items, without taking over the table. This is especially helpful when organizing events where there are restrictions on areas you can set up tables and accent equipment—where you have to maximize every inch that's available. What you build with this stand is an array of all sorts of pretty desserts yet still leave a good amount of space for other important accessories and decorations.

The stand's compact footprint on the tabletop will take up little space at your home gathering or large banquet. In spite of such a small space-saving design, the ample dessert item area is provided for each tier, portraying the largest variety possible. The design will ensure a more convenient, organized, and well-attached display on your dessert table, impressing your guests with the visual appearance and layout.

Also, it is very convenient to use with a simple set-up and take-down system. You can fix it within seconds and pack it in the same amount of time, saving you a lot of time and energy during preparation and cleanup. This stand is designed to be long-lasting with the best material and a very firm structure for party after party. This gold metal cupcake stand is your ideal solution to a dessert display, being elegant, durable, and functional.

Why Should You Use a Tiered Dessert Stand?

So the 3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Dessert Display Stand justifies why this item should be included in any event. The reasons for such inclusions are many and varied: functional and aesthetic. The multi-tiered level of this stand will help one maximize the use of height in displaying many kinds of treats without making the table look overcrowded.

These attributes are particularly useful for small gatherings so that your dessert table will always maintain a neat and appealing look. A tiered dessert stand gives a significant growth to the look of your sweet treats, making very plain sweet treats look decorative and beautiful.

Gold color and the detailed lace design bring elegance, making this piece quite a showpiece that creates appeal and complements any theme. It can be used in weddings and birthdays, at baby showers and on holidays, with very strong construction to ensure the safe and secure storage of your different kinds of dessert. It sets up and comes apart easily, making it a hassle-free convenience for a user to set it up at any event. A tiered dessert stand not only adds to the aesthetic value but also helps in solving problems of holding multiple delightful treats.

What are Pairing Options for a Gold Cupcake Stand?

The 3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Dessert Display Stand is versatile and lends itself to different creative setups. Setting this up with all your desserts on a table setup, you can have it at its best when matched with table runners, candle holders, and floral arrangements. The gold finish goes well with most color schemes and themes.

For a wedding, why not go for a dessert-table setup? You may want to consider setting up the same amidst some flower decoration and candles for a romantic wedding. Place it amid delicate cloth napkins, rose petals, and flickering candles to set an enchanting scene. For classically and rustically themed weddings, an intricate lace pattern works amazingly for adding vintage character. For modern weddings, pair it with sleek, simplistic décor and metallic touches using charger plates and sophisticated tablecloths. You can further elevate the aesthetic by pairing it with charger plates and an assortment of elegant tablecloths.

At a birthday party or baby shower, design it to match the theme. Speaking of kids' birthday parties, one can create very playful and fun setups on this stand, such as kids' colorful cupcakes with different fun toppers. Combine it with themed balloons and table overlays. For a baby shower, you can use soft pastel colors and cute elements to decorate, like tiny baby booties or thematic cake pops. Very versatile in design, it is something one can definitely use on any occasion and adapt to the situation while creating the atmosphere for your event. You can also include different functions, such as hanging decorations or personalized favors, to get yourself a grand setting.

What Types of Desserts Can Be Displayed on the 3-Tier Stand?

The 3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Dessert Display Stand serves to represent any form of dessert, so it is highly flexible and perfectly capable of serving numerous functions. The large tier space is perfect for holding your cupcakes in a manner that shows a variety of flavors and designs, evidently to win the hearts of your guests. In other words, this implies that each tier of the stand can hold high numbers of cupcakes comfortably, hence providing enough room through which you can offer a generous selection. If we talk about mini cakes, then this stand is made for them: it lets you deck up according to the theme of your event, thereby making your dessert table elegant and sophisticated.

Apart from that, the stand is perfect for showcasing cookies or pastries. The solid building of the stand ensures that it carries a multitude of items without wavering, and hence it is a stable and safe way to display items. This makes it perfect for events at which you want to offer a variety of treats, from delicate macarons to hearty scones. The gold finish of the stand adds that luxurious look to it and makes even the most basic dessert look good to all. No matter if you are setting up a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, having a 3-Tier Gold Metal Cupcake Dessert Display Stand helps in setting up a beautiful and coordinated presentation.

In addition, this stand is not just limited to sweet treats; you can show up savory treats on them, such as canapés, cheese assortments, or finger sandwiches. This means that it's useful and practical for any event planner, as it can easily adapt to the menu and theme of your event. Whether you're hosting a nice bridal shower with lots of light finger foods or a holiday gathering that's full of both savory and sweet items, this stand makes for a lovely and practical centerpiece. Be it an assortment of desserts, snacks, and such, it would ensure that your guests have a moment that remains special and memorable.

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Additional Information:

  • Perfect for displaying cakes, cupcakes, desserts, appetizers etc
  • Note: Listing is for Cupcake Stand Only, Other decorative accessories are not included.
  • Uses: Farmhouse Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, Buffets, Receptions, Hotels, Restaurants, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Convention Centers, Graduations, Casual Gathering, Thanksgiving, Outdoor Picnic.