48 Pack | 4" Heart Chemistry Tube Bubbles Bridal Wedding Shower Favor

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Quantity: 48 Pcs Bubble Bottles/order
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Style: Heart Chemistry Tube
Bubble Fluid: 0.6 oz
Bottle Height: 4"
Bottle Width: 1/2"
Spare Refills Included: No


Heart Chemistry Tube

Love is in the air! Let your guests and invitees also feel the magic of this romantic union of two loving hearts by showering the newlyweds with festive bubbles. Bubbles are perfect for injecting a little bit of fun into your special day as they will get guests mingling, laughing and interacting with each other in no time. Bubbles are also great to engage the little ones in your party in an exciting and fun-filled activity, allowing moms and dads to enjoy a glass of Champagne or two unhindered!


Bubbles Container

These wedding bubbles come in a stylish sleek cylinder tube with heart motif on top – and best of all, not only are they great fun but they’re environmentally friendly too. Let your guests indulge in the joyful experience of blowing bubbles, bringing out their child inside as they shout and scream with festive glee.


Wedding Favors

Shower the newlyweds with festive bubbles of joy and happiness from these heart-theme bubble tube containers. Transparent plastic fashioned stylishly in sleek cylinder tube shape and topped with a heart motif, these slender bubble tubes will add elegance and sophistication to your party décor. Blow bubbles as the happy couple walks down the aisle, depart from the reception or enjoy their first dance together as newlyweds.


Additional Information:

  • Note: This solution will not stain and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Also If dried can be filled with soap water.
  • Uses: Ideal Gifts, Events Keepsakes, Baby Shower, Wedding, Party, Birthday, Event, Decoration, Also Used in Various Indoor and Outdoor Activities such as Bathing, Picnics, Camping, Travel.