Black 4-Way Stretch Spandex Backdrop Drape Curtain, Wrinkle Resistant Event Divider Panel with Rod Pockets - 5ftx18ft

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Size: 5ftx18ft

Quantity: 1 Backdrop Curtain
Material: Spandex
Color: Black
Height: 18ft
Width: 5ft
Thickness: 180 GSM
Rod Pockets: 4"(located at both ends)
Edges: Hemmed
Features: High Quality Spandex, 4-way Stretch, Durable, Lightweight, Wrinkle Free
Perfect for room divider, pair with backdrop stand


Bold Black Spandex Stretch Drapery Panel

Bold Black Spandex Stretch Drapery Panel

Step into the spotlight with our Striking Black Spandex Stretch Drapery Panel, a bold addition to elevate your visuals. Unveil the timeless allure of black, infusing a touch of sophistication into your photos or product displays. Setting up this drapery panel is a breeze with its convenient pocket feature, catering to both seasoned photographers and newcomers.

Immerse yourself in creativity with this Versatile Black Stretch Drapery Panel. Crafted from flexible fabric, it serves practical purposes and invites exploration of diverse draping styles. Whether in a studio or on-location, this adaptable panel offers a sleek backdrop for your artistic endeavors.

Elevate your visual storytelling with our Captivating Black Stretch Drapery Panel. Balancing flair and functionality, this panel simplifies your setup process with its user-friendly pocket design. The deep black hue provides a striking background adaptable to various styles and themes, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect moment.

Dazzling Black Photography Backdrop

Dazzling Black Photography Backdrop

Picture our Vibrant Black Stretch Drapery Panel as the bold heartbeat of your photos, injecting a burst of elegance into your visuals. The rich black color creates a dynamic backdrop, perfect for showcasing your products with sophistication. Setting it up is a seamless experience with the pocket feature, ensuring an efficient process.

Crafted from stretchy fabric, this panel simplifies your workflow and empowers you to unleash your creative instincts. Experiment with different draping styles to craft visually appealing backgrounds. Its versatility shines both in the studio and on-location, making it the go-to choice for photographers seeking a sleek touch for their setups.

Delve into the unique advantages of our Ravishing Black Stretch Drapery Panel. The pocket design streamlines the setup process, allowing quick transitions between different photo setups. Say goodbye to worries about wrinkles – this panel stays smooth, allowing you to concentrate on capturing that perfect shot. Envision your photo space bathed in the bold glow of lights, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.

Radiant Black Backdrop with Rod Pocket

Radiant Black Backdrop with Rod Pocket

Extend the allure of our Black Stretch Drapery Panel into various events, turning heads with its radiant charm. Picture it as the captivating backdrop for celebrations or intimate gatherings. The deep black hue complements diverse tones, enabling you to craft a cohesive and visually stunning decor theme. Enhance the aesthetic with subtle accents for a polished look.

For outdoor celebrations, let the Black Stretch Drapery Panel steal the spotlight. Hang or drape it to fashion a stylish backdrop. Pair it with modern or vintage-inspired elements, curating a chic setting for capturing the essence of your event. The black color provides a sleek canvas for additional elements, granting you the freedom to amplify the overall aesthetic.

In essence, the Ravishing Black Stretch Drapery Panel transcends being merely a backdrop; it's a canvas for your creative expressions. The bold color and sophisticated design open up endless possibilities for enhancing your photography and decor across diverse events. Capture your moments with flair, and let this drapery panel be the black canvas that breathes life into your ideas.

Additional Information:

  • Listing is for 1 Backdrop Curtain Only, other decorations are not included.
  • How to Care: Machine Washable Cold, Tumble Dry on Low Heat
  • Uses: Wedding Venues, Tents, Banquet Halls, Corporate Events, Restaurants, Photography, Photo Booth, Quinceanera, Window Treatment