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Personalized Notepads - 50 Count

Item Number: PER_NOTE_50

Production Time - Does not include shipping time.
20 Characters MAX
20 Characters MAX

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  • Custom printed 2 1/4" x 2" notebooks
  • Matchpads with scratch notepads inside.
  • Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved.
  • Each set is for 50 notepads
  • There may be an indention across the matchbook where printing occurs, this is normal and is not a defect

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Custom printed 2 1/4" x 2" Made in USA Match-pads with scratch notepads inside. The printing on the Notepads are slightly smaller than our other personalized items in order to fit 18 characters / line. Note: Caps takes up 1.5 character spaces.

Maximum character limits does include spaces, please do not go over the maximum character limits. If it will require revisions, it will delay production of your order. Please count the number of characters yourself to avoid delays. Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved.

Please click on "VIEW MORE IMAGES" below the picture to see emblem designs.

Text Imprint Guideline.

    * We will print EXACTLY as you enter.
    * Exception: if all CAPS due to CAPS taking 1.5 spacing, if and only if we cannot fit the entire line in CAPS,
       we will change to lower case letters.
    * We will NOT check for spelling errors, mistypes, or print color combinations.
    * Please make sure to review the order carefully prior to order confirmation.


Can only print regular english alphabet, numbers, and the following symbols,  ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ / - &

If it's not listed here, then unfortunately, we are unable to print it. Not able to do foreign characters, symbols, accents. Sorry, not able to do custom logos.

This is the time required for production of your personalized item BEFORE shipping, and does not include actual transit time. Please allow yourself enough time for the additional production time you've chosen.