6 Reasons to Consider Giant Paper Flowers

6 Reasons to Consider Giant Paper Flowers


Peony season is yet to come but you can’t wait for your favorite blooms any longer? Or, maybe, DIY flowers are not your strong suit? Meet our breathtaking collection of giant paper florals and reasons why they’ll definitely steal your heart.

Trendy & Almost Real

Still consider faux flowers to be tacky and old-fashioned? Believe it or not, craft botanicals are all the rage in our era of eco-friendly décor. Giant paper peonies and carnations, like the ones below, are no different. Their gorgeous layers of fluffed petals mimic the natural construction of real beholders. If they weren’t 12-20 inches, no professional florist could see the difference at first glance.

They Are Beyond Nature

When it comes to bringing a magic flair to any celebration, DIY giant bloomed paper flowers are better (and more reliable) than a fairy godmother. They come in sizes and colors that are beyond reality, which makes them perfect for the Alice-in-Wonderland-style floral arrangements. ‘Downsizing’ fans, that goes for you, too.

They Challenge Seasons!

It’s not a secret that real peonies are available only from late spring to early summer. With their paper counterparts, there’s no need to schedule your big day within this hilariously short period of time. Instead, you can enjoy their lush beauty all year round.

They Never Wither

While real flowers do not last long (you never know whether they make it to the end of celebration), faux botanicals will show off their timeless beauty the next day and beyond. Moreover, when the party is over, you can decorate your favorite space with these paper darlings, bringing some festivity to your workaday. Nothing like that with fresh flowers, right?

Another Backdrop Idea

No wedding is complete without a show-stopping photo backdrop. Luckily, our giant paper florals are a great way to refresh the whole “floral idea” – they go perfectly well with our see-through organza backdrop  or green wall. Plus, they will save your time and money (one giant flower equals a dozen of real-size blooms).

Tablescape Upgrade

Everybody knows that nothing can part tablecloths and florals. What’s more, handmade giant flowers can work miracles with any tablescape. Have you ever considered turning your dinner table into a marvelous pond full of life? If yes, its “recipe” is easy - just spread our light blue runner atop your white tablecloth, accentuate it with our reseda lace runner with adorable rosettes, and add our king-sized charms!

Not a tablecloth event? These paper florals will add a pinch of spring to trees, aisles, chairs, and just any wall!

Can’t wait to learn more? Welcome to our paper flower collection to discover more!