All You Need to Know About Our Faux Plant Walls


Since all of us are instinctively attached to nature, plant walls are quite popular in home and event decor. But what if you’re not a born gardener or just need a less time-consuming solution to fit into your tough schedule? Don’t panic - your remedy is our flower wall mats and newly arrived faux foliage panels. Haven’t heard about them yet? Below is all you need to know about these handcrafted verticals shrubs.

Zero Maintenance & Costs

Unlike their living twins, our faux plant walls do not require much care, meaning that you shouldn’t worry about irrigation, UV lighting, fertilizers, climatic conditions, or even those hungry snails. You wouldn’t trim them, since our artificial plant panels won't grow uncontrollably and take over your space. Thus, our green panels are extremely cost-effective (there’s no need to hire a gardener or spend on maintenance) and eco-friendly.

Plastic Grid

Due to the plastic grid frame, you can easily cut the panels into any design. With the help of a handy snap-and-lock system, you can create a wall any size you like and beautify it with our hydrangea wall panels, foam flowers, ivy garlands, silk petals, or other craft flowers to your liking. Flowers don’t peek your interest? Try our butterfly stickers or foil balloon letters!


The grid frame is bendable, which means that our mats are perfect not just as wall coverings, magical backdrops, photo backgrounds, and fence accents but also as  style table runners. For example, though this faux grass runner is already adorable, our green mats will transform your table setting into a dream-like garden.


Hate ferns but love violets? Can’t imagine your life without clover leaves? Swoon over genlisea? We can help you out with our baby violet leaves, boxwood, black locust, and cypress, genlisea foliage, or whatever you’re after. Those who love flowers can consider our fern foliage with tiny flowers. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to throw an autumn theme, we strongly recommend you our red and green or red and yellow mats. For your October-inspired wedding, you can complete the composition with our heart-shaped wine stopper, matching champagne flutes, pearl beads, and white open roses.    


As for our flower walls, they are available in a rainbow of colors to match with any palette. For example, this romantic wall panel combined with lush rose bushes and white candles of different heights will infuse any event with a magic flair.


Not what you’re looking for? Stop by our full collection right away and discover a lot more inexpensive options for your upcoming event or home decor! and don't forget to complement them with our foam wall panels!