Do Wedding Flowers Have To Match Wedding Colors?

Do Wedding Flowers Have To Match Wedding Colors?


Wedding flowers are a significant part of any festivity, whether you’re planning to incorporate flowers throughout the venue or create a floral arch, the decor is incomplete without them. But as the wedding colors set the tone and theme for your big day and enable you to plan everything accordingly, you might wonder do wedding flowers have to match wedding colors? It’s not necessary for them to match, consider picking a diverse color palette that works well without being too matchy-matchy. Also, choosing contrasting colors for your flowers can add depth and dimension to the decor. But keep the color balance to avoid color chaos and create a well-coordinated and visually appealing wedding decor. Below we’ve listed some ideas that’ll inspire you to select the colors for your wedding flowers.

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Exquisite Neutral Wedding Flowers

Add a classic timeless touch to your wedding flower arrangements by selecting versatile neutral colors as they can complement any style and theme all year round. The neutral color palette includes ivory, beige, champagne, blush, and grey colors, hence, choose the flowers you love either in a single shade or mix and match different colored florals for an attractive display. Opting for florals in different hues of white such as cream peonies, ivory roses, and baby breaths will look gorgeous together. Whereas, picking lovely roses in the hues of blush, ivory, and cream along with lush foliage will add a fascinating floral flair to the wedding decor.

Seasonal Blooms

If you’ve selected the seasonal wedding colors for your big day decor then you have a wide variety of seasonal blooms to choose from for a spectacular appeal. As we know spring is the time of the year when some of the most beautiful flowers bloom, so whether your spring wedding colors comprise of pastels or vibrant colors, there are plenty of flower options available to bring your dream floral arrangement to life. Peonies, roses, tulips, calla lilies, and hydrangeas are just a few of the many flower types readily available for spring weddings. However, for an autumn affair make a cheerful flower display using sunflowers, orange dahlias, and navy blue carnations adding the right amount of seasonal bliss to your decor.

Vibrant Wedding Flowers

The easiest way to bring a pop of color to your wedding decor is to use brightly colored florals for added flamboyance. Opt for vibrant flowers for a striking display, or use them to add an interesting appeal to an otherwise simple floral arrangement. Imbue liveliness to the wedding setup using beautiful flowers such as royal blue hydrangeas, yellow daisies, orange chrysanthemums, and fuchsia- colored dahlias for a statement-making floral decor. You can also decorate your plain white wedding cakes with these brightly hued flowers exuding a perky charm. Moreover, if you’ve selected a monochromatic wedding color scheme, opt for gorgeous red or yellow florals to impart a chic and modish appeal to the setup.



Flowers create a romantic ambiance at your wedding. However, to attain a cohesive look, either match the florals with your wedding colors or go for contrasting wedding flowers for a glamorous decor. So which of these ideas inspired you the most? Do tell us in the comments section below.