Easter Made Easy: DIY Setup Guide for Last-Minute Planners

Easter is a festive occasion that brings joy and happiness to many people around the world. From colorful eggs to cute bunny decorations, there are many ways to celebrate this occasion. One way to add some fun to your Easter celebration is by creating DIY decorations and setups. Not only does it allow you to express your creativity, but it can also be a fun activity for the whole family to participate in. In this blog, we will provide you with an easy Easter DIY setup guide that will help you create beautiful and festive decorations without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking to decorate your home, set up an Easter egg hunt, or create Easter-themed crafts, this guide has got you covered!

What You Need:

- 12" Matte Pastel Purple Helium Or Air Latex Party Balloons
- 106 Pack Gold, Dusty Rose, Peach DIY Balloon Garland Arch Party Kit
- 12" Matte Pastel Ice Blue Helium Or Air Latex Party Balloons
- 12" Matte Pastel Yellow Helium Or Air Latex Party Balloons
- 2 Pack 20 Gauge Green DIY Craft Paddle Wire
- Set Of 3 Whitewashed Hexagonal Wooden Dessert Holder Display Boxes
- 7ft Heavy Duty Wooden Square Backdrop Stand
- 6.5ft Green Artificial Wandering Peperomia Tetragona Leaf Garland
- 60"X102" Rectangular Checkered Polyester Tablecloth
- 8" Blush/Rose Gold Hard Plastic Dessert Appetizer Plates
- 11" Blush / Cream Real Touch Artificial Silk Peonies Flower Bouquet
- 12" Dusty Rose Artificial Assorted Peony Flower Bouquets
- 12" Lavender Lilac Real Touch Artificial Silk Rose Bridal Bouquet
- 13" Natural Woven Rattan Design Disposable Serving Trays
- 8oz Natural Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Basket Filler
- 6" Shiny Gold Plated Ceramic Letter Sculpture Flower Vase
- 27" Fuchsia Artificial Silk Babys Breath Gypsophila Flowers
- 4.2ft Swinging Gold Metal Cake Stand Centerpiece

Simple Steps in Creating an Easter Setup

Step 1: Assemble floral decors onto the swinging metal cake stand

Woman adding floral decorations to a swinging metal cake stand

Start by draping the tetragona leaf garland on the arch of the swinging metal cake stand. Clip them securely to the stand by using DIY craft paddle wire. Once secured into place, build a floral arrangement on the arch using different faux flowers such as dusty rose peonies, lavender lilac roses, and blush and cream peonies.

Step 2: Inflate the party balloons

Woman inflating party balloons

Next, inflate the balloons and tie them up together to create a garland arch. Use gold, dusty rose, peach balloon garland and mix them up with matte pastel latex balloons in different colors, such as purple, ice blue, and yellow to create a vibrant balloon arch.

Step 3: Attach the balloon garland to the wooden backdrop stand

Woman attaching balloon garland to the wooden arch backdrop stand

Once all the balloons have been inflated and tied together to form an arch set them up to attach to a 7-ft square wooden backdrop stand. Attach them to one side of the arch to emphasize the garland display.

Step 4: Set up the table display

Woman decorating a disposable bowl with crinkle cut shred filler and decorative Easter eggs

When the balloon garland display is completed, you can now set up the table. Use a white and rose quartz plaid polyester tablecloth to bring out the color of the festivity. Using a rattan-design serving tray, form a hollow bowl to fill with natural crinkle-cut paper shred filler. Then, put your decorative Easter eggs on top.

Step 5: Add Easter decorative items to your tablescape

>Gold-plated ceramic letter sculpture vases filled with baby's breath flowers

To highlight the Easter celebration, use shiny gold-plated ceramic letter sculpture flower vases that spell out the word “Easter”. Fill the vases with fuchsia baby’s breath flowers and a few flowers left from the cake stand arch decoration. Then, set up some blush/rose gold hard plastic appetizer plates on top of natural woven rattan-design serving trays to complete your table setup.

Step 6: Display dessert treats on your cake stand

Easter dessert display

With the swinging metal cake stand fully decorated with floral arrangements, set up a few whitewashed hexagonal wooden dessert holder boxes in different sizes to create dimension. Place delectable cupcakes and goodies on the dessert risers for a sumptuous look.

By following this guide and letting your creativity flow, you can create a unique and festive Easter atmosphere that will delight your family and friends. If you're looking for additional inspiration and ideas to make your Easter party or any other special occasion unforgettable, feel free to check out our other blog posts or explore our collection. We can offer what you need to create a remarkable atmosphere for your event.