Fascinating Ideas To Throw A Memorable Mardi Gras Theme Party


Mardi Gras is the perfect opportunity to dress up your home with festive decorations. With its traditional colors of purple, green, and gold, there are many ways to incorporate vibrant Mardi Gras colors into your party décor. From simple touches like colorful tablecloths and balloons to more extravagant displays like themed centerpieces and wall art, Mardi Gras décor can be tailored to any budget. Read on for some inspiring ideas on how you can add a touch of fun and magic to your Mardi Gras day.


Trendy Table Accents

A great place to start when it comes to adding a touch of Mardi Gras is with tablecloths and runners in the traditional colors of purple, green, and gold. If you have a long dining table, you could lay out alternating lengths of fabric in each color for an eye-catching effect. For smaller tables or sideboards, you could use placemats and napkins in all three shades but alternate them around the table so that no two matching colors are next to each other. This will help ensure that the room still looks cohesive while also providing a subtle hint of the Carnival theme.


Chic Centerpieces

Once you’ve laid out the basics, it’s time to go a little extra and move on to more ornate Mardi Gras decorations such as centerpieces. A classic idea would be using balloons in all three shades arranged around a vase of flowers in one or two of the colors. Another option would be using sparkly streamers hung from glass vases filled with colorful vase fillers—a modern twist on traditional New Orleans style! You could also add some punchy accessories like festive masks or feather boas draped across chairs or along mantelpieces for an extra bit of flair.


Wondrous Wall Art

No Carnival celebration is complete without some fun wall art! You could mount large canvas prints featuring iconic New Orleans landmarks such as Bourbon Street or Jackson Square. Alternatively, hang up some framed posters featuring vintage images from past Carnival celebrations for a nostalgic vibe, or hang up paper lanterns with colorful tassels for added texture and movement. Whichever way you choose to decorate your walls, make sure that bright pops of color remain visible throughout; after all, Mardi Gras decorations are meant to be eye-catching!                      


With just a few simple touches here and there, you can transform your space into a perky Mardi Gras party venue! Whether it’s using classic decorations like colorful balloons and streamers or more extravagant displays like framed posters or paper lanterns – take inspiration from Mardi Gras décor ideas above and let your imagination run wild! No matter what kind of budget you’re working with – adding a touch of spirit can make for an unforgettable experience for both yourself and your guests alike! Make sure to tell us about your favorite decorations in the comments section below.