Go Green Wedding Ideas for Earth Day


Earth Day will be here this weekend, and here at eFavorMart.com we’re always in favor of making smart, green decision for your party or event. While so much from a party or reception can create waste, there are so many ways to also reduce that waste!

  • Remember before leaving for the big day to unplug all of your electronics, chargers, and remind your family to do so as well!
  • Choose to buy cotton tablecloths and linens that can be washed and reused for multiple events.
  • Favor boxes are for more than sweets. Ask guests to make sure that no food goes to waste, and make themselves doggy bags to bring the leftovers home as well.
  • Hold your ceremony and reception in the same location if possibly. If you can’t, provide a shuttle or encourage carpooling (to the ceremony as well!) so there are fewer emissions.
  • Up-cycle old ideas, like vintage touches for your dresses, bridesmaids, and other ‘something old’ touches to your wedding.  
  • Grow your own flowers for decorations, bouquets, or centerpieces. Growing the flowers for your groomsmen’s suit jackets is a sweet touch for everyone to enjoy as well!
  • Plant tiny trees, herbs or flowers in the centerpiece vases that will keep on living rather than die later.   

Will you pledge to have a ‘go-green’ wedding?