Wedding Ideas with Personalized Ribbon

Wedding Ideas with Personalized Ribbon


Wedding favors are an important aspect of a wedding as they are often the only tangible item that guests have after the festive occasion ends. Personalized favors can be made to make guests feel special and to provide them with a reminder of the wedding that they attended. There are so many ways to use in personalized favors in your wedding, such as using personalized ribbon specific to your wedding colors or with the bride and groom’s names and wedding dates.

Use special ribbon as a sweet addition to wedding accessories.

  • Attach it to the ring bearer pillow so that the ribbon can hold the ring decoys.
  • Add ribbon around the flower girl’s basket as an easy way to integrate the color and theme into the wedding decorations.
  • Personalized ribbon can also be wrapped around the bottom of a unity candle or to the bride’s bouquet.

Personalized favors can be constructed with special ribbon.

  • Personalized wedding favors can be constructed by placing Jordan almonds in an organza satchel and tying it with the ribbon.
  • Another option is to glue the ribbon to decorative cake boxes that hold cookies, almonds, candies or small slices of cake.
  • The ribbon can also tie favor bags that hold bird seed, bubbles or flower petals that can be sprinkled around the happy couple as they depart.