Hollywood Glam: How To Host A Glamorous Hollywood-Themed Oscar Party

Hollywood Glam: How To Host A Glamorous Hollywood-Themed Oscar Party


Are you ready to host a glamorous Hollywood-themed Oscar party? Whether you’re gathering with friends in person or virtually, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and get ready for an amazing night. From Hollywood themed party decorations and Oscars inspired food display ideas, all the way to glam party favors and activities - we have everything you need to make your Oscars watch party one for the ages! But hosting a glamorous Oscars themed party doesn’t have to be expensive or overly complicated. With stunning products available at affordable prices and creative inspiration from efavormart, you can easily transform any space into an elegant Hollywood night. So grab your popcorn from home (or order some delivery!), sit back, relax, and let us help turn your space into an Academy Award worthy celebration!


Balloons are the perfect way to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to any party! You can use them to create a red carpet look by lining them up on either side of your door or walkway. They also make great centerpieces for tables – a few foil balloons clustered together can be made even more festive with tassels or streamers. If you’re looking to add an eye-catching photobooth backdrop, balloons arranged in arches or clusters can really set the mood! You can even get creative with balloons and come up with a few fun games for your friends to enjoy: perhaps the classic hot air balloon competition where teams compete by blowing up balloons and seeing which one will float the highest. It’s sure to be a hit!

balloon backdrop


Banners are a great way to add some pizzazz to your party space. You can use them to spell out words like “Oscars” or “Hollywood”, or you can hang them up as a backdrop for your photo booth or food table. And don't forget that you can get creative too! Hang the banners in unexpected places such as along a staircase railing or drape them around the furniture to make an intriguing visual effect. Consider using chic gold, black, or white printed flag banners for that extra glamorous look. Your Oscars themed bash is sure to be remembered when you incorporate stylish Hollywood themed party decorations - starting with the always eye-catching banner designs!

banner decoration


Confetti is always a fun addition to any party, so why not make it a part of your Oscars watch party decorations? You can buy pre-made silver and gold star confetti at efavormart or you can use glittery sheets to cut out Hollywood-style confetti and other shapes to create a themed atmosphere. Line the red carpet leading to your entrance with sparkly gold round foil confetti and have some left over to scatter on the tables, use them to dazzle up your centerpieces or stuff them into brightly colored balloons for a fun-filled look. For extra fun, you could even give out party favors in favor bags filled with confetti! Add special touches like name tags in marquee style lettering and red monogrammed napkins for an unforgettable party that your friends won't soon forget.

star confetti


With the right lighting scheme, you can make even the smallest venue feel like an exquisite Hollywood red carpet event! String lights are perfect for creating definition and tying together different areas of your space. You can use them to line the perimeter of your party space or hang them up as part of a photo booth backdrop. Starry LED fairy lights are also great for decorating centerpieces, such as vases or containers filled with flowers or ice crystals, or pearl beads that will be sure to add whimsical accents to any event. You can also use mini lights to light up your vases or other containers elevating your party table decorations to the next level.

star string lights


Glitter is the perfect way to add a dash of fabulousness to your Hollywood-themed Oscars watch party. Whether you’re decorating centerpieces, balloons, banners, or even walls in a backdrop, glitter can make all the difference. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive either! Get creative and come up with fun ideas for using glitter as decoration - why not make floating centerpieces with glitter-covered vases and flowers? Or what about throwing in some confetti or glowing decorations that use glitter for an extra special added sparkle? Just remember to clean up afterward - you don’t want to end up with glitter everywhere! With your creative and glam ideas, this party will definitely be a hit!

glitter crafts

Star-Shaped Items

Taking your Hollywood-themed party to the next level is easy with star-shaped items! Utilize star-shaped cookie cutters for creative eatable party favors like sandwiches and sugar cookies. For decorations, you can find items like star-shaped balloons, confetti, curtain backdrop, and lights. Adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to your event has never been easier - or more fun! Add some stars to your party decorations and watch them shine.

star decorations

Red Carpet

No Hollywood party is complete without a red carpet! You can buy a red carpet runner at efavormart or you can make your own by painting a red stripe down the center of a white sheet or piece of fabric. Be sure to line the edges of the carpet with balloons or lights for added effect!

red carpet photobooth

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great way to get everyone in on the fun at your Hollywood Oscars themed party! Set up a backdrop using a Hollywood-themed vinyl backdrop, foil fringe curtains, balloons, and lights, and provide props such as fake mustaches, sunglasses, and boas for guests to dress up with and show off their Movie star style. Be sure to take plenty of photos so you can remember the fun times you had at your Oscar party!

hollywood party photobooth

Now you know how to make this year’s Oscars themed party glamorous and affordable. All you need are a few key decorations that embody the luxury of Hollywood for all your guests to enjoy. Show off your skills as an event planner by hosting a beautiful Oscars watch party that looks straight out of Tinsel Town. Complete the decor with luxurious floral arrangements, dreamy lighting, and shimmering accessories, and you can guarantee that you’ll have the most stylish setting for your party. Regardless of who wins each Oscar this year, you will be sure to be the real star of the night! Don’t forget to let us know your experience about throwing a glamorous Oscars party in the comments section. We look forward to hearing from you!