Honor Your Dad with a Baseball-Inspired Backyard Burger Bar!

Honor Your Dad with a Baseball-Inspired Backyard Burger Bar!


Father’s Day is swiftly approaching, but you still don’t have a plan of how to honor your dad, a father of your kids, or other “dads” of your life? If your dad swoons over baseball, we’ve got you covered with a safe plan! Since nothing spells baseball like hot dogs, burgers, and other yummies, we suggest you create a simple backyard burger bar followed with a baseball-related “after-party”!

Prep in advance … if you wish to

Basically, you’ll need hamburger patties, buns, grated cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, or brie, to name just a few), savory and cool toppings, condiments, and toppers (ketchups, mayo, barbecue sauce, etc.). Is your daddy into hot dogs? You can go for them as well, but make sure that you have sausages and rolls. If you’re a bit tough on time, rejoice – you can purchase all these ingredients in advance. However, since the patty is the “essence” of any hamburger, you can go homemade. As preferences or dietary restrictions of your invitees may differ, we strongly recommend avoiding any additional fillers to your burgers. Instead, just season them with pepper and salt on both sides right before they hit the grill.


First, make sure that you have at least two patties per adult and one patty per child. Secondly, make sure that you have more than that. Don’t afraid to wind up with a bunch of leftovers – keep them for your pizzas, soups, or casseroles.

While being busy with your “burger bar math”, don’t forget about the dinnerware. For example, you can use our fancy glass jars or traditional squeeze bottles for your sauces, tiny square bowls – for the cheeses and toppings, and a couple of salt-and-pepper holders – for your condiments. To provide your patties and buns with the “first-class seats”, consider traditional platters or our lovely plates. As for the cutlery…your daddy will thank you if you skip this point and just throw a bunch of napkins!

To prevent “traffic jams”, you can divide your burger bar into several stations. On top of that, you can considerably streamline the burger-making process and accommodate any dietary concerns if you label each homemade or unfamiliar ingredient with our chalkboard signs.


Since baseball is associated with the “patriotic” color scheme, go for it (if your daddy doesn’t mind). For example, you can spread our striped linens atop your table, hang pom poms, use red-white or blue-white ribbons to adorn your dinnerware, include matching paper straws, or whatever you come up with!

To make your decorations more “daddy-who-loves-baseball-oriented”, you can use our personalized pennants, burlap triangle pennants, or letter balloons to spell out “Dad” (to designate your dad’s special zone), “Happy Father’s Day”, or something baseball-related. Also, you can write messages to your Dad on baseball balls – he’ll totally appreciate that!

Last but not least, it’s up to you to decide where to do this set-up, in your living room or backyard. In case your dad loves to play baseball, you can come up with something like a mini baseball game or other baseball-inspired activities. However, if it’s rainy or your dad is a “baseball watcher”, you can top off your burger gathering with watching his favorite game.