Hop Into Spring With These Must-Have Easter Brunch Items!

Hop Into Spring With These Must-Have Easter Brunch Items!


There's no better way to transition from the chilly winter months into the joyful wonders of spring than by hosting an exquisite gathering for family and friends. So if you’re looking for ideas to make your Easter celebration extra special this year, we've got you covered! Whether you’re jumping right into full-fledged celebrations or looking for something slightly more intimate, it’s easy to create a spectacular party atmosphere using thoughtful decor pieces that will have everyone talking. From Easter table decorations to colorful backdrops and creative decorating ideas, we have compiled the perfect list of must-have items that are sure to help bring out those sweet feelings of Easter cheer – read on and find out what they are!


This Easter, add a personal touch to your decorations using baskets! We have a wide selection of Easter baskets in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can wow your guests with hand woven wicker baskets, rustic twig flower baskets, beautiful burlap and lace baskets, or stylish moss covered baskets adorned with lovely bunches of fake flowers and leaf bushes. Accessorize each one with Easter treats like mini eggs and chocolate bunnies so that they become the talk of the table. Not only will they help you create an impressive Easter aesthetic, but they also guarantee appreciation from friends and family members! Let your ideas flow this season and decorate to impress.

easter baskets

Table Linens

Easter table decorations can be the perfect way to bring cheer and joy to any brunch gathering. When choosing tablecloths and table runners, you can’t go wrong with a classic palette of pastels. Colors like pink, lavender, yellow, and mint are wonderful options for Easter as they conjure feelings of joy, freshness, and simple elegance. Or perhaps a combination featuring deep hues such as forest green, navy blue, or taupe paired with vibrant pastel yellows or apricot oranges for a more memorable look. Whichever color combination you choose, our high-quality table linens guarantee that your guests will have plenty to admire while they enjoy their festive brunch!

easter brunch table


Easter is the perfect time to gather friends and family around the table and add a touch of festivity to any home. Whether you’re looking for ideas to decorate your table with napkins or ideas on how to pair them with tableware, here are some inspiring ideas. For an added festive feel, why not get creative with an Easter-themed set of table napkins? Opt for foliage prints, pastels, polka dots, pretty bows, and spring flower bouquets for the perfect finishing touch! If you’d like something beyond the traditional folding ideas, explore fanning ideas or fold your napkins into animals, or pair colorful napkins with beautiful tablecloths and table runners featuring lively Easter bunnies!

easter napkins


Easter is the perfect opportunity to set the table in style. Dine in a fashion that says spring with charger plates, dinner plates, and dessert plates that feature Easter-themed designs. Plus, textured charger plates placed on top of complementary patterned placemats create an interesting visual effect and add an eclectic flair to your table. You can also use floral printed paper plates to give a nod to the blossoming spring season. Accentuate your charger plates with bold or pastel colored napkins and corresponding flatware to really tie everything together. Create memorable moments with your guests during brunch or lunch this Easter with creative table settings that celebrate the theme.

easter table settings


Flowers are also a great addition to dress up the table – classic ferns, lush greenery, and bright and cheery tulips make for some excellent options. If you don't have access to real flowers, fear not: fake flowers make for excellent Easter decorations as well. Get creative and hang them from the ceiling, scatter some across the table, or even put a few in a mason jar for a totally unique decoration. Whether fresh or faux, your Easter celebration deserves a bit of flower power this season!

flower centerpiece


Balloons are the perfect way to spruce up a party, especially an Easter celebration! You can easily make a balloon garland for eye-catching decorations. To really impress your guests, consider making balloon bunnies or chicks with balloon kits. You can also surprise everyone by stuffing some of the balloons with chocolate eggs and small treats. If you want to get creative, try using balloons in pastel colors in your balloon sculptures or centerpieces. For a fun twist, use foil or even clear balloons filled with confetti for your backdrop decor! No matter what type of balloon decorations you choose for your Easter party, there's no doubt it'll be unique and festive!


Party Favors

When planning an Easter brunch party, party favors are a great way to show appreciation to your guests. Get creative and give gifts that both look cute, and will be practical for your guests to use afterwards. For example, you could fill favor boxes with delicious homemade treats such as sugar cookies shaped like bunnies and chicks, or fill favor bags with tiny handmade soaps in multiple colors. Another creative touch would be to utilize fun decorative items to display party favors. For example, rather than placing them alongside each other on a countertop, you could arrange them down the center of a table along with bouquets of wildflowers scattered among the party favors!

easter party favors

Whether you’re looking for something classic and traditional or looking to buck the norm and go a little less conventional, there are plenty of ways to decorate your home for your Easter Brunch. With the variety of decorations we shared in this post; let us know which ones you picked and how they worked out in the comments section. And if you’ve come up with a unique decoration idea, be sure to share it with us and let us know how it turned out! Easter is about celebrating relationships as much as it is about faith, so if you have decorations that seem to put people at ease or add to an atmosphere of togetherness, why not make sure that those special touches will grace your table this year? Thanks for your readership; we look forward to hearing from you soon!