How Big Is A Wedding Cake Topper?

How Big Is A Wedding Cake Topper?


If you’re on the lookout for some creative ideas to garnish your wedding cake, know that a topper is all you need to enhance its beauty tenfold. It’s like putting a cherry on top of the classic wedding cake to enliven a photo-worthy moment you can cherish all your life. From luscious silk flowers and mini royal crowns to rhinestone letters, numbers, and tall figurines, we’ve got plenty of varying-sized wedding cake toppers available at Efavormart to highlight a tastefully decorated cake. If you’re still wondering how big is a wedding cake topper and how it should be accommodated on top of your cake, here are a few tips that’ll help you get every small detail of your wedding just right. Read on and choose the best topper for your cake to get that flawless look you’ve been craving.

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Sparkling Rhinestone Monograms

If you picture your wedding day as a cheerful celebration with a whole lot of sparkle, all you need to do is incorporate some gold or silver rhinestone accents into your wedding decoration. Add a little bling to your special day by adorning your cake with a charismatic rhinestone monogram to capture a sparkling photograph during the classic wedding cake cutting ceremony. The key is to bring focus to your classy cake décor by placing the tall monogram cake toppers perfectly and snipping the prongs down to the appropriate height. Also, surround your cake with a pretty combination of vibrant florals and green garlands to bring the whole cake look together with flair and finesse. You may want to treasure the toppers as a memento of the wedding day and since these adorable embellishments are quite durable and sturdy, you’d love to incorporate them into your wedding cake display.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

When it comes to creating customized wedding cake toppers, be mindful of the size of your cake, especially if you’re choosing blossoms as a topper. Place a bundle of white orchids over the cake and arrange a couple around it with some pretty feather fringe trims to dress up your cake stand. Some of your flowers might just nimbly tumble to rest on the sides of a tier or the cake stand but that’ll most likely create a beautiful draping effect you shouldn’t be worrying much about. Flowers and succulents are such versatile accents that’ll fit perfectly over any cake to elevate your big day décor regardless of the size you choose. So, adorn your cake with as many pretty florals you want to display the epitome of romance and bliss at your wedding.

Fairytale Wedding Cake Toppers

Live out your dreams by positioning a Cinderella’s castle atop an elegant wedding cake to imbue a magical fairytale feel into your big day. You’ll love the enchanting flair of our Disney wedding cake toppers even more if your pair them with florals and whimsical fairy lights encircling your cake in the most fanciful way. Make sure that the top tier of your cake is at least 6-inch in diameter to perfectly position the 5-inch base of your castle topper or else choose our majestic castle figurine in a smaller size to make your fairytale wish come true. If these castles are still a little too much for your wedding cake, you may want to customize a unique wedding cake topper with real feathers to your desired shape and enliven a feathery fantasy with its magical glow.

Royal Crown Embellishments

Even a touch of gold can instantly glam up your cake to a whole new level. Whether it’s a shiny rhinestone letter, royal crown, or 3D butterfly decals, our gold wedding cake toppers will take your cake to new heights. Make a royal gold crown sit magnificently on top of your cake if you find it really tricky to insert those monogram topper prongs into your cake. You don’t even need to fret about choosing the perfect size for your cake as most of our king and queen crown wedding cake toppers are designed with a base diameter of 4-inch that’ll fit perfectly over the 6-inch top tier of your cake. Likewise, you may also top your wedding cake with our luxury candelabra cake topper and magnify the sumptuous appeal by pairing it with our baroque cake stands. Furthermore, mix a few feathers and florals with your wedding cake toppers for a simple yet pretty combination that’ll have your guests excited to dig in the cake.

Regardless of the size of wedding cake toppers you choose, there’s something so special about adding them to your cake that you simply can’t resist using these luxe details for a glamorous reception to bring in an aura of good vibes. So, browse through all your options first and choose what matches your wedding theme to make a style statement. Wedding Cake Toppers by eFavormart add a touch of elegance to your special day. These exquisite toppers are perfect for cake decorating, elevating the overall aesthetic of your wedding cake. Not only do they serve as a focal point, but they also contribute to your dessert table ideas, enhancing the visual appeal of your entire spread. The intricate designs and quality craftsmanship of eFavormart's toppers help set the table for a memorable celebration.