How Do I Choose A Color Scheme For My Wedding?

How Do I Choose A Color Scheme For My Wedding?


Decorating a wedding venue is like creating a piece of art, where all the little details matter. From venue to overall decorations, creating an ambiance for your special day that contains all the elements of a well-made piece of art is not an easy task. Choosing the best wedding color schemes for your nuptials is by far the most important decision as it expresses the overall feel of your wedding day and make it both unique and memorable. By choosing a color scheme one can easily create a cohesive ambiance, as it will reflect their personal style no matter if it is subtle or complex. For those who are inquiring about, ‘How do I choose a color scheme for my wedding?’ read along as we are sharing some cool wedding color schemes that will help you create a perfectly planned wedding suiting your personal style.

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Choose Your Theme!

While choosing wedding color schemes for your big day, you need to be sure about the theme that you want to apply and that matches with your personal taste too. There are many popular choices for wedding themes, for instance, retro, romantic, country, seasonal, tropical, western, oriental, shabby chic, or beach. Your choice of wedding color schemes will revolve around the theme that you have chosen, so make sure that you pick just the right one to make your event stand out.

For Beach Theme Wedding!

If you have chosen a beach theme for your special day, then your choice of wedding color schemes should be blissful and refreshing like teal & blue or silver, ivory & beige, as they will work perfect with the ocean on the beach. For a tropical beach theme wedding, choosing coral, navy blue and turquoise can be a cool choice. Use peach and sage color palette for your bohemian beach wedding and coral, fushia, & navy will be a great wedding color scheme if you have a nautical summer beach wedding. Opt for rose gold, gold, & white for a late summer beach wedding. These hot beach wedding color schemes will create a seamless blend of scenery all on their own and will let you experience the most amazing wedding color combos that you can infuse in your wedding arrangements, dresses, and decors.

For Retro Theme Wedding!

Retro weddings are highly romantic ones, they are down to earth, simple, chic, full of romance and exquisite. For couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a traditional style, vintage-inspired wedding will be a great choice. From reds to pastel pinks and blues to yellow and greens, there are some amazing wedding color schemes that are perfectly whimsical. Whether your wedding is planned in summer, spring, or fall season, create some amazing wedding color schemes like purple & gold or match burgundy with orange & blush and blue & yellow to exude retro vibe into your big day.

For Garden Theme Wedding!

The most lovable outdoor weddings are the garden theme ones, as they provide endless and limitless ideas to decorate the venue. Your choice of wedding color schemes to achieve a gorgeous garden wedding look should be in pastel colors, like blush, pink, sage green, lavender, dusty blue, and yellow. Another beautiful garden theme wedding color palette could be blush and gray that will exude soft and charmingly romantic vibes. Gold & apple green wedding color combo with a touch of metallic accents in silverware and table runners will add extra personality into your garden themed wedding. Fushia, ivory, peach, with greenery will let you create some mesmeric flower decorations for your special day.

For Fairytale Themed Wedding!

A fairytale themed wedding is a dreamy one and planning this top-notch ceremony is not a simple undertaking. The choice of wedding color schemes for a fairytale wedding depends on the season you choose to tie the knot. If it’s a winter nuptial, choose silver & blue or gold & red and for a spring fairytale themed wedding, pastel colors like blush, peach, ivory, light blue, rose gold or a blend of green & white will be some ideal wedding color schemes.



Turn your wedding into a one to remember by choosing the perfect wedding color schemes that fit your style and go along with the season too. Highlight the wedding color schemes to create some magical decorations, extravagant themes and amazing designs and give a whimsical and fanciful detail to your special day. How did you like our shared wedding color schemes? Were they helpful enough to inspire you to create your dream wedding color palette? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!