How Do You Do A Family Sand Ceremony?

How Do You Do A Family Sand Ceremony?


Our world is a place where numerous societies have co-existed for many centuries and every society has different rituals which symbolize its cultural richness and traditions. Rituals with inherent meanings are practiced to incorporate values and morale in everyday life and one such ritual is the wedding sand ceremony. Also known as unity sand ceremony or sand ceremony in short, it represents the true essence and core values of married life. But, how do you do a family sand ceremony? Well, mostly the couple who is about to enter wedlock performs this ritual using a sand ceremony set and unity sand, pouring sand of various colors from different containers into a glass vase or jar. But, some couples make their family members join too, like parents and children if present along. Apart from involving glass jars and colored unity sand, the wedding sand ceremony can involve many other lovely décor products as well. That is why visiting Efavormart will be very helpful for you to decide how you can enhance your sand ceremony. Without any further delay, let us check out some creative ideas and tricks about how do you do a family sand ceremony?

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Trendy Vases and Vibrant Sands

Using different containers with various colored unity sand represents the different qualities the bride and groom possess and the colored sand poured into a single container represents that marriage unites them together despite those differences. Such a deeply meaningful wedding sand ceremony can be performed with style using different colored sands such as the Blue, White, Green, and Yellow Decorative Sand. The colors of the unity sand have various meanings and they represent different aspects of the wedded life. The color blue represents patience and green represents prosperity. While white means purity and yellow means harmony and balance. Every color used in the unity sand ceremony represents an aspect that is needed for a lovely, healthy and successful married life that will last forever. For the container into which all the sands will be poured together, you can choose a Heavy Duty Glass Hanging Vase with Jute Twine Rope which looks chic and alluring or Gold Heptagonal Prism Multipurpose Holder which can also be hung on the wall or from the ceiling or displayed at the showcase after the wedding. If you prefer something subtle looking yet sublime, then go with a Heavy Duty Square Glass vase. Such wide mouthed glass holders will look astounding when covered with Scalloped Edge Fabric Jar Covers with Jute String to seal the sand. It is a vintage but highly appealing method even in this current modernist world and looks scenic as part of your sand ceremony set.

Incorporate Sublime Decorations for Adults

The wedding sand ceremony involves many glass vases and it can be artistic and creative to incorporate ideas that will differentiate the unity sand holders of the couple from that of their parents. Use the Gold Foiled Crackle Glass Bubble Vase or Gold Crackle Hurricane Flower Vase as the main container for the sand ceremony. Glass vases with such chic designs will suit the style of any modern couple and you can further elevate their appeal by decorating them with Royal Blue Washi Glitter Tape or ribbons. Elders especially parents have great knowledge about life in depth and they can help out the younger generation with their wisdom. To incorporate this truth into the wedding sand ceremony, embellish their sand holders with lush and natural looking Green Preserved Moss Ribbon Roll creating a chic variety in the sand ceremony set.

Embellish Holders With Chic Décor Items for Children

Any ceremony that has children around is sure to become lovely and enlivening and the wedding sand ceremony is no different. Involving children in the sand ceremony can be more special as it gives them the opportunity to contribute to their new family. Elevate the vibe of the unity sand ceremony by using Blue Glass Ribbed Bud Vase or Clear Glass Vase with Gold Metal Top adorned with charming and vibrant Violet Amethyst Chiffon Ribbon Roll or Fuchsia Grosgrain Decoration Ribbon. If toddlers or young children are involved, then we suggest using Clear Disposable Plastic Test Tubes to hold their colored unity sand which will not only look cute and lovely in those tender and soft little hands but will also eliminate the risk of breakage.


The wedding sand ceremony or unity sand ceremony is a ritual that represents and symbolizes a deep meaning indeed but it is an activity that is fun and exciting. Especially, when elders and young children get involved while the couple takes their most important step together, things just get way better. Do you have more ideas to make the sand ceremony even more unique? We will be very glad to read your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!