What Is The Most Popular Wedding Color?

What Is The Most Popular Wedding Color?


The commonality between all event decorations is the fact that they follow a specific pattern. Be it a ceremonial celebration or a small get-together party at your house, it becomes smooth and simple to create a setup when a specific pattern is used. Either with color combinations or with the type of décor products used, having a theme in mind always helps. So, when it comes to wedding color themes, what is the most popular wedding color? Well, there are quite a few hues that are termed as wedding colors, but with time, color patterns and decorating methods have evolved and contemporary ideologies have become a raging trend. There was once a time when the wedding dresses that were to be worn by the bride and groom were only to be white gowns and black suits respectively. But over the years, people have started incorporating various chic decorating ideas with lavish and trendy décor supplies to make their big day grand and special. If you’re searching for such trendy décor items for your wedding, Efavormart can fulfill all your décor needs with its sensational range of products that are available at amazing costs. Let’s now check out some fabulous ideas on how to elevate your decor using riveting and popular wedding color schemes.

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Bright Burgundy And Subtle Champagne

Using wedding color schemes involving bright colors and subtle pastels can be a brilliant idea to highlight your event décor. While there are many such bright and light wedding colors, the combination of burgundy with champagne can be a very alluring one. Setting up a wedding stage with burgundy and champagne curtains along with faux floral stems can help you achieve a scintillating appeal that can truly be eye-catching and gorgeous. Hang the burgundy wedding drapery organza fabric and champagne wedding drapery organza fabric in tandem with each other over a stage backdrop stand and attach some stunning champagne artificial carnation flowers on the burgundy curtain and burgundy artificial carnation flowers on the champagne colored fabric. The alliance of bright burgundy tone and sublime champagne pastel color will gorgeously set up a grand looking wedding stage and this enticing wedding color scheme is sure to impress all your guests.

Royal Blue And Chic Yellow

One wedding color that has been the most sought-after color for a long period of time is royal blue. The benefit of using royal blue hues among your wedding color schemes is that it merges well with many other wedding colors. But adding a burst of yellow to a royal blue color scheme can impart a stunning charm that will garner undivided attention from every single person present at the venue. Using this fantastic combination of wedding colors for your reception party table decorations can be a wondrous trick. Opt for royal blue satin square overlays for the round tables and use royal blue satin runners for the rectangular tables. And on top of the runners and overlays, place chic glass vases adorned with yellow artificial long stem chrysanthemum flowers and yellow silk peony artificial flowers.

Stunning Black And Alluring Gold

A black and gold wedding color scheme remains the most prominently used and widely admired combination of all times. Using black and gold tones along with your other wedding theme colors can augment your wedding stage decorations to a whole new level of grandeur. Place matte black wedding flower column stands and matte gold wedding flower column stands on both ends of the stage decking them up stylishly with faux flowers. While the artificial flowers will exude a visual charm, you can further accentuate your decorations by building a balloon arch using black pearl latex balloons and chrome gold latex balloons.


Using popular wedding colors to enhance your stunning wedding décor is something that every wedding organizer would do but what can be even more special is to use your favorite colors along with the trending ones. This will help you elevate your dazzling wedding décor. And as always, we would be happy to know your thoughts and comments about what other colors will you use to spruce up your big day.