How Do You Make A Unity Candle?

How Do You Make A Unity Candle?


Who says your wedding ceremony cannot be as exciting, fun, and meaningful as your reception? There are plenty of ways to make the official and formal part of your big day a bit extra special, from personalized vows to composing your own wedding song. But we think the most heartfelt way to customize your nuptials is to include a meaningful unity candle ceremony to honor your marriage. There is nothing quite like lighting your wedding unity candles together and watching the flame burn that represents your union. Though you can easily buy a unity candle set but where is the fun in that! We suggest you to go the extra mile and craft your own wedding unity candles to infuse a personalized flair into your ceremony! So, how do you make a unity candle? We’ve come up with some interesting and lovely unity candle decoration ideas to help you elevate your wedding unity ceremony up by several notches! Just keep on reading and find amazing DIY unity candle ideas that’ll complement your style and theme.

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Go Rustic!

Whether you’re going for a rustic woodland theme for your big day or you’re having a countryside wedding, rustic wedding unity candle decor works perfectly for all nature-inspired wedding themes. Tie jute burlap ribbon bows on a couple of plain white taper candles and a tall white pillar candle accenting them with small pine cones to create a lovely rustic unity candle set. Set your wedding unity candles on a round or rectangular wooden slab and surround them with white baby breath florals for elegant rustic unity candle table decorations.

Bring On The Glitz & Glam!

Elevate your lavish wedding decorations and pair our gold pillar candle and gold taper candles with crystal beaded candle holders for an extravagant wedding unity candle decoration or use diamond stickers and rhinestone lace trims to add extra bling and sparkle to your simple white wedding unity candles, the choice is yours!

Weather The Storm!

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony setup, don’t let the wind aspect stop you from having a unity candle ceremony. Instead, opt for beautiful hurricane candle holders to elegantly house your wedding unity candles. The hurricane glass unity candle holder set for outdoor weddings will not only protect the flame but will also enhance your unity candle decoration up a notch!

Showoff The Flower Power!

There is something about candles and flowers that imbue a dreamy and romantic charm to the wedding. So, why not bedeck your wedding unity candles with florals to accentuate your romantic wedding theme. Create a beautiful unity candle set using a shimmering blush pillar candle and a couple of blush taper candles embellishing them with a bunch of mini craft flowers, tulle, and white floral lace trims to impart an alluring flair. Moreover, use a floral candle ring as your unity candle stand to complete your wedding unity candle decoration.

Put A Modern Spin!

If you’re considering a minimalist or modern style wedding decor, incorporate sleek lines and geometric designs into your wedding unity candle decoration for a refined appeal. For starters, cut out a broad strip of a geometric design paper napkin and wrap it around the lower half of a white pillar candle. Cover the candle with wax paper and evenly heat it with a heat gun. Once the napkin sticks to the candle, remove the wax paper and you’re good to go! However, if you’re looking for an easy fix, you can also opt for geometric candle holders to stylishly inset your elegant unity candles.

No matter which of these decor ideas you choose, keep the decor accessories close to the bottom and away from the burning flame for safety reasons. Do you have more ideas on how to decorate wedding unity candles? Please share them in the comments section below!