How Long Should Chair Sashes Be?

How Long Should Chair Sashes Be?


Chairs are an essential part of any celebration, because that is where your guests will spend most of their time at the event. Captivating chair décor makes an exquisite impression augmenting the overall aesthetics of your party. Elegant chair sashes are the ideal decorative linens to add that final touch of glamor and elegance to your elite chair decoration. Chair sashes come in a plethora of colors, designs, materials, and styles that can help you create your desired look. There are many ingenious ways to tie sashes on chairs and we all know that there is a style for each momentous event and distinctively displaying your chair sashes will give you the chance to exhibit your creativity. If you want to learn about, ‘how long should chair sashes be?’ then read on as we are sharing some tips and tricks that will guide you about what length you should choose for your chair sashes.

Chair sashes

Choice Of Chairs

Before deciding on how long you want your chair sashes to be, take into account the type of chairs your venue offers. For instance, if the wedding venue has folding or banquet chairs, choose spandex chair sashes or distinctively tie around embroidered chair sashes to exude an enticing charm. If you want to cover the back of your chivari chairs, creatively loop chiffon chair sashes, organza chair sashes, or polyester chair sashes on the railing of the Chiavari chair’s back and drag them down to the floor to give a flamboyant flair to your chair decoration.

Size Of Chair Sashes

Since chair sashes come in varying lengths and widths, therefore, it is important to determine the size of the chair back sashes and the dimensions of your chairs. If you want your chair sash to drop down to the floor, measure the height of your chair back and choose suitable chair sashes to emanate your anticipated look. Similarly, the width of the chair backs also varies with different types of chairs. If you want to use a fitted chair band for your chair decoration, first estimate the width of your chair back and then assess the extending capability of the spandex chair sashes to make a coherent choice.

Choice Of Fabric

The choice of fabric material is also an important part when it comes to deciding about how long should chair sashes be? For instance, chiffon chair sashes have lovely draping ability and thus can be used for hanging chair sash ideas. If you want to create exquisite bows & knots that won’t droop away, choose chairs sashes like burlap chair sashes, polyester chair sashes, or organza chair sashes and tie them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the chair back. If you want to impart a sleek fitted appeal to your party chairs, opt for spandex chair sashes or sequin spandex sashes and give your chairs a more sparkling and classy extravagance allure.

Chair Sashes For Different Events

Chair sashes add color to your simple chairs, there are different ways of using chair back sashes for different events, for instance, if it’s a wedding, then fancy chair sashes like chiffon chair sashes, pintuck chair sashes, satin chair sashes, sequin chair sashes, or organza chair sashes touching the floor will give a dreamy look to your wedding chairs. For a fairy-tale princess themed bash, choose tulle chair sashes or curly willow chair sashes and bring in the magical and whimsical aura.

For a corporate event, trade show, official luncheon, or graduations parties, opt for classy chair bands like spandex chair sashes to decorate your chairs as they will help attain that sophisticated look that your event demands. If your event has cocktail table legs, choose long chair cover sashes like polyester chair sashes, organza chair sashes, or satin chair sashes and add a dignified class to your décor.

For a rustic event décor, choose burlap chair sashes to bedeck your wooden chairs and give a sensational idyllic flair to your bucolic settings. To redefine your French country theme our damask flocking chair sashes will look perfect.

Ways To Style The Chairs With Sashes

Styling the chairs with elegant chairs sashes is not as difficult as it seems, just follow the right steps and you can make a stylish statement. For Chiavari chairs, go for the classic ladder weave style with chiffon chair sashes. Simply drape each sash over the top of the chair back and make one half hanging over the seat and the other trailing on the floor, later space them equally apart and start weaving again. You can also weave these fancy chair sashes from the top of the chairs and make a knot with flowers, ribbons, pew bows, or buckle & clips in the middle to make them look mesmerizing. If you are using chairs covers then use chair sashes in contrasting colors and tie them in different styles. Form a pretty bow by tying organza chair sashes in the middle part of the chair with chair sash buckles and make them touch the floor. For spandex chair sashes, choose contrasting colors and fix them on the top part of the chairs that will give a sleek modern edge to your good-looking folding chairs.

We hope that with these key pointers, figuring out, ‘how long should chair sashes be?’ won’t be a difficult call. How long or short you want to keep the chairs sashes is totally up to you but adding exotic flowers, foliage, sea shells, crystals, LED lights, ornate chair sash buckles, chair sash pins, floral rings, frames, signage, and chair wreaths to the back of your chairs will help impart an enthralling customized appeal. So, keep these tips in mind and enjoy styling your chairs with elegant chairs sashes. Happy decorating!