How Much Sand Is Needed For A Unity Sand Ceremony?

How Much Sand Is Needed For A Unity Sand Ceremony?


A wedding ceremony is a celebration of the union of two hearts with loved ones and family around. An occasion where not just some mind blowing decorations can be witnessed, but also some deep and meaningful rituals are observed. And one such custom that has been prominent for a long period of time is the wedding sand ceremony. Also called the unity sand ceremony, it is a ritual which is performed by the bride and the groom by mixing a variety of colored sands from separate containers into a single container during the time when they exchange their marital vows. In certain families, even the parents of the bride and the groom participate in the process involving the unity sands. People flaunt their sense of creativity and style using chic jars when it comes to the unity sand ceremony set but get a bit perplexed when they think, how much sand is needed for a unity sand ceremony? Well, to all such queries about vibrant unity sands to classy containers, Efavormart holds the solution in the form of exotic wedding décor items on its online store. So, let’s look at some interesting ideas about how to use them at the wedding sand ceremony.

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Colors Meaning Personalities

So, how much sand is needed for a unity sand ceremony? Well, it is completely up to the couple and the wedding planner to decide about the quantity as a wedding sand ceremony is more about the charm and vibrancy. Different colors of the unity sands symbolize different personalities of the couple and the bride and the groom symbolize the fact that they will unite with each other accepting all their differences in one single, unified wedded life which is what the container with the colored sand means! The white decorative sand denotes purity, devotion and spiritual values while the blue decorative sand signifies patience, tranquility and longevity. All these aspects are very much needed for a peaceful and a happy life and so in general, all couples carry a variety of colored unity sands such as the yellow decorative sand, red coral decorative sand, green decorative sand and many more. The wedding sand ceremony is a simple yet a colorful ceremony with a powerful meaning within and this makes the couple choose as much as colored unity sands within the unity sand ceremony set which denote important qualities for a successful married life.

Chic Vases and Glass Jars

Though, the wedding sand ceremony set does not symbolize anything as the unity sands do, people love to express their sense of creativity and artistry by involving some chic glass jars and classy containers. People who prefer simplicity will find these Plastic Candy Jars with White Caps fit their bill perfectly and for the ones who like to exude class, the Glass Candy Mason Jars with Glass Lid and Metal Clips and the Glass Mason Jars with Rose Gold Lid will be their appropriate choice. These small sized glass jars will be perfect to hold the vibrant unity sands while the Flared Neck Heavy Duty Glass and the Cloche Glass Jar with Wooden Base will be a perfect addition to complete the unity sand ceremony set. Well, to close the jars, you can either use corks or can get even more traditionally creative by using a cloth like the Checkered Mason Jar Fabric Cover with Scalloped Edge and fasten it by winding a jute rope or twine which will make up for a dazzling wedding sand ceremony set to be displayed at the showcases.

Flamboyant Display Ideas

The unity sands inside the unity sand ceremony set remind the couple about the wonderful married life every day and so to display them with creativity can prove to be a fascinating idea. Using the Heavy Duty Hour Glass Vase or the Heavy Duty Trumpet Glass Vase filled with the bright unity sands can be scintillating inclusion to your showcases with some faux flower stems perched in. If you would prefer to get more artistic, then use the Teardrop Clear Glass Candle Holder and fill it up with the sands used in the unity sand ceremony and place a bright LED candle on top which will make the entire wedding sand ceremony set look phenomenal during the evenings and nights.

With the right kind of unity sand ceremony set and colorful unity sands, the ceremony is more than just a ritual. Comment your thoughts about what other creative ideas can be involved with the wedding sand ceremony.