How Do You Pick A Wedding Theme?

How Do You Pick A Wedding Theme?


Wedding day signifies the start of an exciting and intimate chapter of your life with your soul mate. As the day will hold exceptional value for all the bright years you both will be enjoying together as partners, it has to be created in the most striking way. Careful planning is the key in creating a superb wedding aesthetic and the first step is to understand exactly how do you pick a wedding theme. Choosing the right wedding color palette will extend your personal style as well as make all the difference in creating cohesive wedding aesthetics. A defined wedding color 2021 will surely assist you in deciding significant wedding details like wedding theme, invites, and over all décor. If you are not sure of how to choose the best wedding color theme that compliments your overall decor, fret not, as we have got you covered with some amazing tried and tested guidelines for your upcoming nuptial.

Wedding color 2021

The Color You Both Adore!

Wedding themes are great because they are the true reflection of you and your partner’s style. As this is purely your day so it is absolutely fair to pick the hue you simply adore as your wedding color 2021. It’s all about finding the base color that you both love and coordinating it with all the other details of you big day. When deciding on your wedding dress color, try choosing a hue which best compliments your skin tone. Your color choices can be anything from bright and bold shades like pink, orange, or red to soft neutrals like gray, ivory, or gold. If you’re picking your wedding color palette from scratch and you wish to keep it sleek and simple, stick to your favorite wedding color 2021 and play with its different shades to create a unified look. Whether you go for contrasting shades or a monochromatic theme, make sure your choice adds design and element in your wedding space, making your day extra-special and completely unforgettable.

Wedding Venue Selection!

After you are done with deciding a chic color theme for your wedding, start looking for a gorgeous wedding venue that perfectly complements your wedding theme. Yes, it’s finally time to choose a visually appealing location that further enhances your color palette along with other decorations. Venue serves the purpose of adding dimension in your wedding and beautifully tying all your wedding decorations in one place by highlighting your wedding theme. If you’re worried about having limited choices when considering your venue, customize it with your innovation to make your wedding space entirely unique with a whole new look. For a vintage wedding theme, choose a farmhouse or a barn location, and add illuminations with candles and lanterns. Transform your venue with flower garlands that alluringly pair up with your color palette for a floral themed wedding. You can also style with faux greenery like long-lasting leaf garlands that replicate the look of real ones to make your garden themed wedding even more whimsical. In order to select the ideal venue, all you need to do is to make sure none of your decorations and choices collide with the space you have chosen and of course, a touch of your creativity is much needed to maximize the beauty of your venue.

Consider the season!

No one can deny the fact that some wedding colors naturally look their best when styled in specific seasons. If you’re facing difficulty in choosing your wedding color 2021, consider your wedding season for some inspiration. Vibrant and vivacious hues surely create a bold statement in a fall weddings. You can add red feathers in your wedding invites and hang rose gold and purple paper flower balls over your wedding backdrop. Embellishing you table décor with Ivory plates with emerald green napkins will work best for a winter wedding. For a spring time wedding, balance the vibrancy of blooming blossoms with a rose gold table runner and lavender chair sashes. Coordinating your wedding aesthetics with your wedding season will make your special day preparations much easier, giving your space a modern yet seasonal feel.


Your wedding theme outlines the overall look of your day and set the mood for the rest of the details. Collecting ideas for your big day from social media is quite easy but remember that this is the most special day of your life and it must showcase your taste, preferences, and your exclusive relationship. All the rest of the details must accord completely just like the two of you. From finding your most preferred wedding color 2021 and choosing the right venue to getting inspiration from the season, choose a theme that will make you both happy and let your story be remembered for all the beautiful years yet to come. Share your unique ideas in the comment section below.