How to Clean Artificial Flowers: 6 Easy Tips for Optimal Care

How to Clean Artificial Flowers: 6 Easy Tips for Optimal Care


Flowers are a simple way to beautify a space and welcome nature inside! But, as lovely as they are, natural plants can wilt and wither, requiring constant replacement. Plus, they can cause serious headaches (literally!) for allergy sufferers. That’s why many interior decor lovers rely on artificial flowers to add charm and warmth to their homes. When properly cared for, faux flowers can remain stunning for years, and with the right synthetic bouquets, you can decorate each room in your home year-round — no matter the season. In this blog, we’ll cover how to clean artificial flowers, plus maintenance and storage tips to care for your pretty petals. 

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Can You Wash Artificial Flowers?

Artificial flowers add instant warmth and color to a space. However, flowers that have become dusty or dirty can make a room look dull and messy. The good news is that you can clean your artificial blooms! The materials of your faux bouquets will determine the best cleaning method. It’s important to follow proper care instructions for your unique type of synthetic flowers to preserve their quality and vibrancy. Below, we’ll teach you how to wash artificial flowers, whether your bouquets are made of silk, plastic, or another material. 

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Daily Care for Artificial Flowers

Before we get into how to clean artificial flowers at home, let’s talk a bit about daily maintenance. Keeping up with these routines can help reduce the need for deep cleanings and keep your synthetic bouquets looking lively and fresh.

  • Protect them from the elements. Unless your faux plants are labeled “outdoor safe,” keep them inside and away from the elements. Sunlight can cause some artificial plants to fade and deteriorate. Rain and condensation can also lead to wear and tear.
  • Dust them regularly. While fake flowers are a smart alternative to real ones for allergy sufferers, dusty ones can quickly trigger symptoms. When you see debris accumulating on your bouquets, dust them off with either a soft feather brush or a microfiber one. Be sure to do this outside so you don’t spread the unwanted particles inside your home.
  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. If you use chemical-based products to clean your home, be sure to cover your synthetic blooms on cleaning day (especially when using aerosols. The harsh ingredients in these products can damage your artificial bouquets). 
  • Keep them in a temperate climate. Extreme heat or cold can cause faux flowers to crack, melt, or deteriorate. So don’t place them near air vents, water heaters, ovens, or other items that emit severe temperatures.
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    How to Clean Artificial Flowers

    Even with daily dusting, your artificial arrangements still need semi-regular deep cleanings to remain luminous. One of the many benefits of opting for fake flowers is that they’re available in several different materials, including silk, plastic, rubber, polyester, and other fabrics. Each one offers its unique benefits and also requires specific cleaning methods. Below, we’ll explain the best way to clean artificial flowers, detailing the steps for each process.

    Dust with a Damp Cloth or Compressed Air

      One of the easiest methods for cleaning artificial flowers is to use either a damp cloth or compressed air. No matter your flower material, you can always run a slightly damp microfiber cloth over the petals and stems to remove debris. If you’ve chosen plastic or rubber flowers, you can even use a Clorox wipe to freshen up florals. (But don’t use these on silk and other fabric bouquets since the chemicals can harm these delicate materials).

      For seriously stubborn dirt and grime, try using compressed air. Whether you opt for air in a can or a blowdryer, the powerful airflow can blow debris out of the corners of your flowers. Remember that your artificial plants can’t withstand extreme temperatures, so use your blowdryer’s cool setting.

      Clean with a Soft Bristle Paint or Makeup Brush

        Want to make your faux flowers really shine for a special occasion? Get in the crevices with a soft bristle paint brush or makeup brush. Choose one with a small head so you can get into the tight corners of your petals. You can use slightly coarser bristles for plastic and rubber blooms, but stick to soft ones for silk and fabric flowers, as these materials are more fragile. Use a light touch, gently moving the brush back and forth over the debris until it’s completely gone.

        Use a Gentle Solution to Remove Stains

          Need to get spots out of your silk or fabric flowers? Use this DIY artificial flower cleaner: put equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray a gentle mist on your stained flower petals, then pat them dry with a cloth. Be sure to place a towel beneath your flowers while cleaning them to avoid any run-off. When cleaning fabric flowers for the first time, it’s a good idea to try your solution on a small, obscured patch of petal to make sure it doesn’t cause any fraying before moving on to the full bouquet.

          Use Salt or Rice to Clean Off Debris

            Wondering how to clean artificial flower arrangements in a hurry? Here’s an easy hack. Grab a large ziplock bag and fill it with two tablespoons of salt or dry white rice grains. Add your bouquet in, one stem at a time, and give the bag a good shake. The grains of salt and rice act as mild abrasives, stripping away stubborn debris. You can use this method on plastic, rubber, and fabric flowers.

            Gently Rinse with Water

              It is safe to gently rinse your silk and fabric flowers in the shower or use a sink spray nozzle with a soft setting. However, you don’t want to dunk fabric blooms in water — it can cause their colors to fade. Turn on your shower head or spray-nozzle faucet and give your artificial blooms a quick rinse, one stem at a time. When you’re done cleaning them, you can set them out on a towel to dry.

              Mix Dish Soap with Water and Submerge

              Looking for tips on how to clean plastic flowers with strong-willed grime on them? Try this trick: fill your sink with room-temperature water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Submerge your plastic or rubber flowers in the mixture for five to 10 minutes. When you remove them, the dirt should come off easily with just a few cloth wipes. While you shouldn’t leave silk or other fabric flowers soaking in water, you can dunk these blooms and swish them for a few seconds. Then, gently pat them down with a dry towel.

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              How to Properly Store Artificial Flowers

              One of the best attributes of fake blooms is their longevity! You might have several faux bouquets that you rotate throughout the year, between the many seasons, and for various special occasions. So, how should you store the artificial flowers you aren’t currently putting on display? Let’s go over best practices for preserving your beautiful blooms.

            1. Keep them in a climate-controlled space. It’s just as important to keep your faux florals away from extreme heat when storing them as when flaunting them. So, put your petals in a climate-controlled space. Avoid keeping them in a garage, shed, or other area with extreme temperature fluctuations.
            2. Clean them before storing them. Many faux flower lovers want to keep their blooms flawless but don’t know how to. Dust fake flowers before storing them. This is one of the most overlooked steps of proper storage. Any dirt or grime left on your blooms can settle, making them even more challenging to clean when you’re ready to display them.
            3. Use a sturdy and large container. Store your synthetic bouquets in a container large enough to allow them to spread out. Folding, smashing, or otherwise condensing your flowers for storage can cause permanent disfigurement. It’s also important that your container is sturdy so that neighboring items don’t crush it. 
            4. Always cover fabric flowers. While it’s a good idea to cover all fake flowers for storage, concealing fabric ones is essential. Leaving silk and similar fabric blooms out can put them at risk of moth holes (after all, moths can’t tell the difference between a sweater and a faux rose).

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              A Few Final Words on Artificial Flower Care

              We want you to enjoy breathtaking blooms for years to come. So, before you start using the tips you learned in this blog, here are a few more things to consider:

                • Keep wire parts dry. Most of the cleaning methods we covered are only safe for plastic, rubber, or fabric flowers. However, if your blooms have wire parts, do not expose them to moisture or chemicals, as they can rust.
                • Determine the right cleaning schedule. Every faux flower type requires different cleaning methods, and every environment calls for a different cleaning schedule. Pay attention to how frequently your synthetic bouquets collect dust and grime. Factors like leaving windows open, living in a desert environment, or living with pets can require more frequent cleaning.
                • Keep faux flowers out of odorous places. Fake flowers can be magnets for strong odors, holding onto a smell long after the cause is gone. That’s why it’s a good idea not to smoke cigarettes or cigars near your artificial blooms or place them near anything that emits a strong smell, like a fireplace or kitty litter boxes.
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