How To Decorate For The 7 Days Of Valentine?

How To Decorate For The 7 Days Of Valentine?


Valentine's Day is a day of love, celebrated around the world. It is traditionally marked by special decorations, symbols, and rituals that represent the bond of love between two people. Valentine's Day has become increasingly popular in modern society, and making Valentine's Day decorations has become a part of our lives. Decorating for Valentine’s Day not only brings brightness and beauty to our homes but also symbolically demonstrates love and appreciation for those we care deeply about. Whether it be balloons, garlands of cloth, or paper hearts, Valentine's Day decorations can bring delight to everyone involved. Each decoration used carries its own special message - creating a token to enjoy year after year. Here are seven ideas for how to decorate for the seven days of Valentine’s Day and make it special and memorable one or your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Rose Petal Trail

Create a rose petal trail from the bedroom door leading up to the bed or another surprise destination. Not only is this an easy way to add romance and beauty to any room, but it will also be a lovely surprise for your partner! You can use real rose petals or artificial ones if you want them to last longer.

Heart Garland

Use paper hearts or foil hearts in the colors of red, pink, and white (or whatever colors you prefer) to create a garland that winds around your living room windows or walls. Add some glitter, sparkles, and other festive items like ribbons and beads so it looks extra special.


Candles always set a romantic ambiance so why not light up some scented candles during the seven days of Valentine’s Day? You can place them on shelves, mantels, or tables — whatever will look best in your home! Not only do they provide lovely lighting but they also create a pleasant aroma throughout the house as well.

Red Balloons

Fill your home with red balloons filled with helium gas! Hang them from ceilings and furniture pieces throughout the house and let them float around freely while adding a festive touch to each room they enter! They’ll remind you (and anyone else who sees them) that it’s Valentine’s Day season

Love Bug Door Hangers

Surprise your loved one by adding some adorable love bug door hangers outside their bedroom door on one of the seven days of Valentine’s Day! Choose from different styles such as butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies etc. And if you don't have time for DIY projects then just purchase ready-made hangers online or at craft stores!


Streamers are great for adding color and personality to any space! Hang colorful streamers around windowsills or across ceilings in order to give any room an extra jolt of energy during this special week! You can choose between traditional paper streamers in pink and red shades as well as metallic ones which add a bit more glamour and shine!  

Heart Shaped Lights

Finally, complete your day-by-day decoration plan by adding some heart-shaped candles or string lights to each room! This is especially perfect if you have kids since their eyes will light up seeing all these beautiful heartstrings floating around their bedrooms at night time before they fall asleep dreaming about their upcoming Valentine’s day celebrations!  

Seven Days Of Valentine

The seven days of Valentine’s Day are an excellent opportunity to express your love and devotion to your partner. Why not make these special days even more special by decorating? Whether you’re looking for something romantic, fun, or a bit of both, there are plenty of ways to express your love with decorations. Let’s start with day-to-day decorations:

Rose Day (February 7th)

Rose day marks the first of these seven days and sets an important tone for the holiday by sharing symbols of appreciation between those we care most about. On Rose Day, couples exchange roses to symbolize their love. This gesture can be accompanied by a romantic card or poem expressing your feelings for one another. The color of the rose is also important, as each shade has its own unique meaning such as yellow (friendship), pink (gratitude), and red (passion).

Propose Day (February 8th)

Propose Day is the perfect time to get down on one knee and ask your partner if they will marry you! If you don’t feel ready for marriage yet, consider surprising them with an extravagant gift or an intimate dinner date instead. 

Chocolate Day (February 9th)

What better way to show your appreciation than with a box of chocolates? Whether it’s from a local chocolate shop or homemade treats from your kitchen, this gesture is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face. 

Teddy Day (February 10th)

Teddy bears are classic symbols of love and companionship - give them one as a reminder that you will always be there no matter what challenges come your way. 

Promise Day (February 11th)

On this day, couples make promises to each other about how they will continue loving and supporting each other throughout their relationship. It’s also a great opportunity to recommit yourselves to one another and make plans for the future. 

Hug Day (February 12th)

Nothing says “I love you” like being held close in a loving embrace! Show your affection with lots of hugs and cuddles all throughout the day—and don’t forget some gentle kisses too! 

Kiss Day (February 13th)

Kisses can say so much without having to use words at all! Spend this day showering each other with passionate smooches wherever you go—in public or in private—to let each other know just how much they mean to you!  

Decorating for the seven days of Valentine's Day is easy when armed with creative ideas like the ones above that will make each day memorable for both you and your loved one! Whether it's creating rose petal trails, hanging heart garlands, or illuminating rooms with heart-shaped lights--there are endless possibilities when it comes to making decorations out of love this year on Valentine’s Day season! Make sure that no matter which decorations you choose--you put lots of thought into it because those little details go a long way in making someone feel special!! Now go ahead and start planning out those amazing decorations today!! Good luck!! Happy Valentine’s Day!