How To Decorate with Votive Candle Holders Like a Pro?

How To Decorate with Votive Candle Holders Like a Pro?


Illuminating any space with candles is the perfect way to ooze peaceful and calming vibes. These twinkling beauties are adored for their positive and calmative features and serve as a perfect decorative accessory in enhancing and lighting any space.

decorative votive candle holders

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To elevate the beauty of these candles tenfold, exquisite candle holders are used that provide a secure and safe base for candles to avoid any mishaps. Votive candles are one of the most attractive candles; they have a pillar candle-like structure and are most likely held by votive candle holders to maximize their burn time.

These decorative candle holders collect the wax from the candles and without creating a mess at the table give an easier and efficient clean up.

Posh Wedding Reception Decor With Glass Vases, Floating Candles, Votives, Metal Stands, and FlowersChoosing votive candle holders that work well with your candles and interior is not an easy feat, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind. Read along to learn more about votive candle holders, their usage and the factors to consider before choosing so you pick the holders that are perfect for your needs.

Candles That Can Be Used In Votive Candle Holders

Since candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, hence providing them strong support to keep in place is important and here is where they come into play. >Dazzling Black And Gold Table Setting With Tablecloth, Chargers, Napkins, & Votive Candle Holders Votive candles fit best in votive candle holders, these candles are small and slow-burning candles that easily get fixed in votive holders as they have small cups and support a votive candle that might otherwise collapse on its own. >crystal Votive Candle Holders Although tea light candles are enclosed in a small container but they easily get the support from these gold votive candle holders. Votive candles are slightly larger than tealight candles and usually about 2.5" high and about 2" wide while tealight candles are small round candles enclosed within a metal container. >Elegant Table Décor With Velvet Table Runner, LED Candles, Votive Holders, Garlands, Bowls & Plates Both kinds of candles can be placed directly in votive candle holders, they are sure to look stunning in your home space when placed in a votive or small candle holders.

Right Materials For Votive Candle Holders

Finding the right material for votive candle holders help you achieve your intended purpose. They come in different materials, like, glass, metal, wood, & crystal. With appealing designs and styles they light up votive candles or tea light candles in a mesmeric way and make them stand out among all your other decorations.


Glass votive candle holders are considered to be the best material for candle holders as they are sustainable, resistant to heat, and have the most appealing design compared to other materials.

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The sleek and stylish metal votive candle holders help accumulating all the dripping wax from a burning candle without allowing it to spill over. Make enchanting candle displays by lighting pillar or votive candles in these metal candle holders and illuminate the entire ambiance with their soft exotic glow.


Crystal votive candle holders are bedazzling candle holders that spectacularly highlight votive candles & tealights. Exuding a splash of luminous festivity these decorative candle holders will dress your party tables up in the most surreal manner.


>wood holder Wooden votive candle holders that are made from natural wood will give a trendy rustic twist to your ambiance and will reinforce your nature-inspired design.

Available in Intricate Designs

The beautiful twinkling votive candles when get combined with decorative votive candle holders create a soothing ambiance and invoke the feelings of romance and tranquility all around. >How To Decorate with Votive Candle Holders They come in many attractive designs, styles, and colors that help one make a striking statement. Our geometric, primrose, speckled, palm leaf, square, and studded design mercury glass votive candle holders are small votive candle holders that will beautifully showcase your votive candles, taper candles, LED candles, pillar candles, and tea lights. >amber glass votive candle holders The Nordic style metal & glass clear votive candle holders will add a chic modern touch to your space and décor. The charismatic hurricane votive candle holders with detachable tinted glass holders will create dramatic light effects. The baroque style pillar votive candle holder with festive candles will brighten up your home or party space. These tall candle holders will highlight your candlelight display up by several notches. Exquisite Birthday Décor With Tablecloth, Table Runner, Flowers, Vases And Candles

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We offer some unique design votive candle holders like crystal beaded pillar votive candle holders, crystal candelabras, pearl beaded candelabra, & metal candelabra votive candle holder that will light up your favorite votive candles and impress the audience with their exotic illumination and dancing silhouette. The quirky and quixotic design of geometric votive candle holder will ooze warm glow of whimsy and wonder all around.

Interesting Shapes & Styles

They are stunning decorative accessories that instantly amp up your candle decorations. The size and shape that you choose is an important decision as there are tall votive candle holders and small votive candle holders. >geometric candle holders The container of the holder should be small in size so that the votive candle gets fit into it and accomplish a proper burn, get more burn time and less wax wastage. Bowl-shaped votive candleholders are considered to be the best ones as the melted wax flows inside the bowl instead of dripping out and metal pillar votive candle holders with detachable glass holders open the gates of creativity. >norwegian candle holders Hence whether you choose to light a standard taper or votive candle in the holder, the geometric oval design candle holder stands will perfectly hold your votive candles and will add a touch of style and sparkle to your décor and designs. Our glassless metal terrarium candle holder comes in stylish hollow geometric design that will create dreamlike dancing silhouettes all around as you light your candles inside. >Graceful tablescape With Runner, Leaf Garland, Flowers, Cylinder Vases, Candles, & Votive Candle Hol The clear acrylic ball design in the center and splayed base and top of our gold votive candle holder will showcase your beautiful candle decoration.

Amazing Color Choices

Since they are stunning accent pieces, so pick them in colors that match with your interior décor. We offer amazing colors in our votive candle holder collection that will surely highlight your thematic decoration. >Striking Table Setup Using Tablecloth, Runner, Chargers, Cutlery, Lantern, Candle Holder & Floral For instance, our metal crystal votive candle holders are available in blush gold, silver, & gold to create perfect ambiance for home, weddings, events, and celebrations. Choose silver or gold votive candle holders that will spark things up by giving an interesting edge to your décor. >reg glass votive candle holders Our glass votive candle holders set come in red, turquoise, frosted, clear, & clear votive candle holders that add a shimmering tint and decorative flair to your space. Get our masterfully handcrafted mercury glass votive hurricane candle holder in beautiful blush, silver, & gold colors or cylinder mercury votive candle holders in navy blue, blush, silver, & gold to perfectly showcase your votive candles.

How To Clean Wax Out Of Votive Candle Holders

They come in different sizes, designs and materials and when the votive candles are lit inside them the melted wax is collected within the holder, keeping your surface neat and tidy. The biggest advantage of using them is that they are pretty easy to clean and handle. How to clean wax out of votive candle holder is a bit challenging but if you know the tricks you can make this job well done. Let’s learn how? Freeze the votive candle holders with melted wax in the freezer and once they are fully frozen bring them out and remove the wax. Place them in a hot water container for a while and when you feel the wax getting soft, gently press your finger nails to peel them out.

Rustic Candle Décor Idea With Votive Candle Holders, Votive Candles, & Rustic Wood Floor Board

You can also place the glass votive candle holders inside the oven and once the wax is melted take them out and wipe off with cloth or tissue. Some votive candles have long burning wicks that cause black stains on the sides of the holder because of uneven amount of burning flames. To avoid these stains cut short the size of wick and keep the side layers of the holders mark free. Place some sand at the bottom of them or add some water to a glass votive candle holders before placing the votive candle. Lastly, the best solution to avoid the hassle of cleaning wax from them is to use battery operated LED flameless candles or even using dripless candles will keep your decorative votive candle holders clean.

Candle Holders Decor Ideas

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DIY Tutorials

DIY Lace Candle Tutorial:


Candles holders is one lovely decorative accent that you surely don’t want to miss. So make a style statement by choosing the perfect decorative votive candle holders and invoke a radiant touch of elegance and drama into any space. We hope that you have got a handful of interesting knowledge about votive candle holders and their usage. Happy decorating!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a votive candle holder?

They were originally designed to hold votive candles which were used in medieval and renaissance churches and homes during religious ceremonies and banquets.

Where do you put votive candles?

These candle holders can be used both outside and inside the house or wherever you need to light up candles.

Do votive candles need a container?

You should always burn a votive candle inside a container. This will eliminate tunneling and prevent wax from sticking to the container sides.