Is Navy a Summer Wedding Color?

Is Navy a Summer Wedding Color?


Couples love to plan their weddings in the mid-summer season as the amazing color palettes help them bring a magical touch into their big day. If you are one of those whose wedding bells are ringing this summer and are searching for some cool and exciting summer wedding colors that are trending in 2021, we have come up with one of the most amazing summer wedding colors that will bring a seasonal and preppy twist into your summer wedding. Navy blue is one of those elegant summer wedding colors that can be paired with so many amazing shades to make an extra ordinary summer wedding colors palette for your big day. The deep, dark, and rich tone of this summer wedding color truly stands out and works in almost any time of the season, so if you are one of those couples who are leaning towards navy, but are a little confused that, ‘Is navy a summer wedding color’ or not? Scroll down and get fascinated, as we have rounded up some of the prettiest navy-blue summer wedding colors combinations that will give your special day a truly remarkable feel.

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Navy for a Fresh & Fun Feel!

In most summer weddings, couples go for pastels and neutrals as their summer wedding colors scheme but having navy blue as your summer wedding color can be a delightful experience. This dark and unexpected summer wedding color palette will help you create some amazing summer wedding colors combos that will give a fresh and fun feel to your wedding venue. From elegant navy-blue bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and centerpieces to tabletop decor and invitations, navy blue is undoubtedly the coolest summer wedding colors to opt for. Even for a groom, navy-blue tuxedo can be a timelessly elegant and chic idea as this classic summer wedding color represents the masculine side of the wedding. So, bring this classic summer wedding color into your summer sub-season wedding theme to ooze vibrancy and timeless elegance.


Navy with Warmer Pastel Tones!

Navy blue is one of those dark summer wedding colors palette that when combined with the warmer pastel tones, creates some astonishing summer wedding colors combos. For instance, combining navy blue with soft, feminine and romantic tones of pink & blush will give your summer wedding colors scheme a dramatic effect. For a rustic or nautical themed wedding, navy blue & orange will be an ideal choice, as this flattering summer wedding colors palette adds an unexpected liveliness to your day. From customized wedding robes for brides and bridesmaids & PJ sets, to arranging navy blue table cover with orange chargers and alluring kissing balls and bouquets this hot summer wedding colors combination is the trendiest of all. Planning to have a beach or a destination summer wedding? Combine navy blue & peach to create an amazing summer wedding colors combination, set beautiful peach flower bouquets, create navy wedding invitations with peach ribbons and a peach cake with navy blue decorations and elegantly charm your summer wedding decor.


Navy with Bold Color Palettes!

Navy blue is one of those rich and vibrant summer wedding colors that gives a unique and classic look to your summer wedding theme. Pairing this dark summer wedding color with another bolder shade will surely be a treat to watch. If you are planning to set your wedding venue in the forest against the backdrop of nature, then choose navy blue with red or burgundy as your summer wedding colors palette. This beautiful summer wedding color combination will ooze warm, deep color and classic bridal elegance into your wedding. For a beach, glam, boho, art deco or rustic themed wedding, pairing navy blue with gold will be an ideal summer wedding colors palette. These classic summer wedding colors can be used in groom and groomsmen’s suits, wedding cakes with gold cake topper, invitations with gold prints, gold wedding plates on navy tablecloth and so on as the possibilities are endless.


Is navy a summer wedding color?’ Well, it surely is the hottest summer wedding color for the past few years and is still trending in 2021. So, what are you waiting for, start planning out to spread the magic of this rich toned summer wedding colors palette in your summer nuptial and create an elegant and classic ceremony. Was this blog post inspiring enough to let you decide your kind of summer wedding colors combination with navy blue? Do share your ideas with us in the comment section below!