Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 2

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Part 2


Whether you’re too busy planning your own wedding, ten other weddings, or just tired out from the past ten months of wedding planning, you’re probably pooped out! Last week we gathered up a few ideas for the brides-that-are or the bridal party to dress up as. This week, we’re gathering up the leftover wedding decorations, sweet sixteen’s glitter covered tablecloths or even that toddlers themed birthday party decorations for some cheap and easy costumes to throw together in no time!

Fairy Godmother of Weddings – You are one already, why not dress the part. Rather than go out and find the dress, pick out your best, most fashionable on the job outfit, minus the jacket. Go to a thrift shop for a cheap, shoulder pad, power woman jacket to cut two slits into and add a pair of wings from the local dollar store. Glitterize the jacket and wave a fairy wand about as you ‘make wedding dreams come true!’

Shopping list: Wings and jacket, glitter decorations and a smart outfit!


Sporty Spice   Are some of your less stressed friends looking for a great group costume, but you’re not willing to be a Pink Lady, again? With your favorite gals as the other Spice Girls you can easily dress up as Sporty Spice.

Shopping List: Temporary tattoos, sneakers, sports bra, running pants.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s – When in doubt, be literal. Hot glue an elegant place setting on your belly and make a fancy hat with either a pennant or Tiffany’s logo.

Shopping list: Fake food, fancy hat, plates, bowls, utensils, linen napkin.