Tips for Eating Healthy at Parties This Holiday Season


Let’s face it; eating healthy around the holidays is not easy. So many parties, get-togethers and other events can allow the extra pounds to sneak on. Prepping party favor bags with nutritious treats and bringing them to a party is one great way to stay on track. Here are some other great ways to stay health focused this holiday party season:

  • Eat a big meal before you head out to the party. Make yourself a big salad with a lot of vegetables. Throw some chicken breast or hardboiled egg in for protein. This way you are full when arriving at the party and skip out on the snacks.
  •  Drink water. Although alcohol may be available, stick with an ice cold glass of water. Water will fill your stomach and won’t carry the calories the alcohol will. Squeeze in some lemon or lime for flavoring!
  • Bring a treat to the party. Make a healthy trail mix and tie it up in individual party favor bags. This way guests won’t be dipping their hands in a dish and you can munch on a bag of a healthy mix while others are going for snacks and sweets. You bringing snacks shows as a nice gesture but also help you to stay on track – who knows what other guests might appreciate it. Veggie trays are also a great idea!

We hope these tips help you at you next party. If you’re hosting the party make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks for you to eat!  Fill up party favor bags with your favorite nutritious delight and watch how impressed your guests are!