Should I Do A Backyard Wedding?

Should I Do A Backyard Wedding?


Wedding trends have taken quite a turn in recent times with more and more couples opting for intimate wedding celebrations. And since nothing is cozier than a home, the backyard has been a popular choice for the wedding venue. If you’re planning to tie the knot and questions like “should I do a backyard wedding?” or “what backyard wedding decorations do I choose?” have been going around in your head, we’re here to help! There are many benefits of having a backyard wedding, but with benefits come a few extra details you need to consider to pull off a successful and elegant backyard wedding. We’ve listed down all the advantages of organizing a wedding in your backyard along with some backyard wedding decoration ideas and tips to help you make an informed decision!

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1. Convenient & Budget-Friendly

When looking for outdoor wedding venues that don’t cost you a fortune, it doesn’t get any better or convenient than having a backyard wedding at home. You can take full advantage of the beautiful natural splendor and you’re not bound to pay any deposits to reserve your dream date which automatically slashes down your wedding expenses. However, you’ll have to create a setup from the ground up to get your backyard wedding-ready. We suggest that you opt for a hoop ceiling draping hardware kit and ceiling drapes to effortlessly create a lovely canopy that’ll elevate your backyard wedding decorations to the next level.

2. Intimate & Unique Wedding Setup

There is nothing like tying the knot in the very backyard where you spent your childhood. Throwing a small backyard wedding with your nearest and dearest by your side to witness the moment not only brings a sentimental feel to your affair but also gives you the opportunity to add personal and unique touches to your setup and backyard wedding decorations. Keep your guest list small and incorporate elements that you’ve always dreamed of! Use an eclectic mix of furniture including your couch, white folding chairs, and clear transparent chairs for a unique seating arrangement that’ll make a riveting statement. Moreover, you can also set up bar carts, a dessert station, and a groovy LED dance floor to let your guests have a wonderful time at your wedding.

3. A Blank Canvas For Wedding Decor

When decorating the backyard for a wedding reception, there are endless backyard wedding decoration ideas and themes you can choose from for your celebration. You aren’t restricted by a venue’s decor, colors, or style and have full artistic control to make your wedding decorating dreams come true! You can opt for a neutral color palette, natural decor, and burlap accents for rustic backyard wedding decorations to highlight the earthy appeal of your scenic surroundings or you can also go for a striking color scheme with elegant and grand event decor for extravagant backyard wedding decorations. Get creative with your backyard wedding tent decorations and customize your wedding arch and aisle decor using pretty aisle runners, roman props and columns, unique backdrop stands, curtains & drapes, artificial flowers, and foliage vines to usher an enchanting allure into your backyard wedding celebration. Accentuate your reception tables with premium table linens, designer dinnerware, and stunning table centerpieces, and light up your space using a variety of hanging string lights and LED candles to create a whimsical ambiance.

With so many benefits, throwing a backyard wedding is no doubt an amazing idea. We hope that this blog has helped you find the answer to “should I do a backyard wedding?” So, are you going to throw a backyard wedding? We would love to know your thoughts about turning a backyard into a wedding venue. Please share your opinions in the comments section below!