Should You Put Rocks At The Bottom Of Succulents?

Should You Put Rocks At The Bottom Of Succulents?


Plants can be a valuable addition to your house as part of the interior decor. Apart from numerous health benefits, they spruce up your house with their gorgeous visual appeal as well. Plants come in many varieties and each type can accentuate your house with its uniqueness. But to preserve the beauty of those plants forever, they should be given proper care. Especially plants like the pink moonstone succulent needs ardent care right from watering methods to soil type. Speaking of which, should you put rocks at the bottom of succulents? Well, the answer is yes but you should put them the right way. With the chic looking décor rock stones available at Efavormart, let’s look at some interesting ideas about how to use them to preserve your moonstone succulent and other plants as well!

pink moonstone succulent

Decorative Crushed Gravel

Why should you put rocks at the bottom of succulents? It is because rocks ease the process of draining water out of the pots which is every essential for the moonstone succulent plant and its health. This is why the crushed gravel pebble stones such as the white decorative crushed gravel pebble stones and rose quartz decorative crushed gravel are very handy and useful. Apart from easing out the process of water draining from the bottom of the plant pot, they can also be used as a top dressing for the moonstone plant. Topdressing is not done just for décor purposes but also to avoid direct exposure of the topsoil to the sunlight which causes the soil to dry off quickly. Even spreading of the metallic rose gold decorative crushed gravel over the topsoil of the pink moonstone succulent helps it retain water as much as it needs which in turn supports its healthy growth.

Polished Decorative Stones

Polished decorative stones are the perfect choice for placing at the bottom of the succulent pink moonstone pots. The polished nature of the assorted natural decorative landscaping rocks allows adequate drainage leading to healthier plant growth. And the bright brown hued appearance of these decorative rock stones also looks amazing when used for topdressing in your moonstone succulent plant pots.

Artificial Moss Rocks

If you are a person who prefers to flaunt your love for nature as part of your home décor, then the artificial moss decorative rock stones are an excellent choice. Be it beneath the soil of the pink moonstone succulent or above the soil for top dressing, the vibrant green color of the artificial moss rocks exude natural flair that will garner appreciation and accolades for you.


Well, we hope this blog has helped answer your question, should you put rocks at the bottom of succulents? Rocks, when used the right way support proper health and growth of the pink moonstone succulent and the other variants of the moonstone plant. Additionally, incorporating bulk succulents can provide you with a wide variety of options to enhance your succulent garden. Comment your thoughts below about other creative ideas you would incorporate to decorate your moonstone succulent plants using rocks.