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Pack of 2 Lbs | White | Decorative Crushed Gravel Pebble Stone Vase Fillers

Item Number: ROCK_FILL_002_WHT

$6.47 Sale Price (Only $3.23 each Lb)
$8.99 Retail Price

QTY: 2 lbs Vase Filler
Material: Crushed Stone
Color: White
Size: 0.25" - 0.75" (varies)
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Highly Decorative

Bring a sense of fresh style and natural beauty to your home, office, or event’s space with these white small gravel stones. Against the backdrop of these snow-white stones, whatever you display is sure to look crisp and creative. Simply scatter these decorative crushed stones on the ground to make a path, or scatter on the table to highlight an important station.

Multiple Purposes

Perfect to be used as vase fillers, flower arrangements, centerpiece décor, and table scatters. These white pebble stones make a gorgeous accent to aquascape; use them to lay down a floor in a fish tank, aquariums, Betta bowls, and fountain decoration. Accentuate flower pots and vases, or use for beach weddings, landscape decoration, colored glass mulch in pot plants and succulent gardens, liven up your DIY projects and craft embellishments.

Eternally Versatile

Great for gardening, including Bonsai decorations, miniature fairy gardens, ground cover for indoor plants, etc. These small white synthetic rocks are multipurpose and long lasting; use them time and time again to adorn any space and place to impart a truly earthy elegance.



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