These April Fools’ Day Pranks Will Make Your Easter Brunch

These April Fools’ Day Pranks Will Make Your Easter Brunch


This year, Easter and April Fools’ Day happen to collide on the same day. Honestly, it’s a rare coincidence with the last one being 69 years ago. Either way, don’t miss a chance to pull a few funny pranks on kids and guests. No ideas? Check out our picks and let them spark your fantasy.

See what you bite on! 

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No Easter brunch is complete without treats. Make this delicious tradition work for your Easter-Fools’-Day gigs.

  1. Fake chocolate eggs

Get rid of unhealthy habit of consuming tons of chocolate at Easter. Unwrap real chocolate eggs and wrap each grape with it. To make it more confusing, mix “grape” eggs with chocolate ones.

  1. Want some?

Take a pile of Oreos and remove (read: eat) the “in-between” filling. Grind the remaining (yes, we know) cookies into something like soil and fill empty flower pots with the crumbs. Add flowers so that Oreos resemble actual dirt. Then, during the Easter brunch, nonchalantly scoop up a handful of “dirt” (don’t confuse it with the real soil) and suggest your guests trying it out.

  1. Choco-veggies

First, make sure that your kids are out. Get Brussels sprouts and cover them with chocolate. To disguise them totally into sweet things, use sprinkles. Once you’re done, put them into fridge to get hard. At Easter, put them in a bowl and just watch.

  1. Sponge cake 2.0

Sponge cake is probably the most common spring dessert. If you’re not afraid of wasting too much frosting, craft one using real sponges and display your devious plan on these disposable plates!

 “Oops!” eggs

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Plastic eggs found in baskets are usually filled with delicious treats like candies. However, 2018’s Easter is not the case.

  1. Veggie-eggie

Pick several (not all!) eggs and fill them with something unexpected. How about eggs full of real beans instead of jelly beans? Or fill the real egg with jelly.

  1. Non-edible filling

Have fun with real eggs. Some suggest just mixing hard-boiled eggs with raw ones, but such a prank is too messy and unhealthy (salad with raw yolks?). Make color sand eggs instead!

  1. Stubborn eggs (12+)

Plastic eggs usually don’t require much effort to open. At Easter 2018, they do. Just glue egg halves together. Then again – little kids won’t get the joke. Try it on young teens.

  1. Egg hunt for no eggs

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Forgot to hide eggs prior to the egg hunt? Worry not, make a prank out of it. Don’t cancel the egg hunt. How long will it take kids to realize the gag? Note that this can be a little mean, so have a backup location with hidden eggs.


Easter is not Easter without Bunnies while April Fools Day is not complete without the Fool. This year's Bunny is a downright trickster. Assist him in his mischievous plans!

  1. Unexpected filling

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Take a chocolate bunny prior to Easter and… don’t eat the treat. Remove the wrapper (very gently!), make a tiny hole, and fill it with something chocolate unrelated. Something unappetizing like mustard (don’t apply this to kids!) will work. Don’t forget to rewrap the bunny. Or do the same with marshmallow peeps.

  1. Blame on you, Bunny

To come clean after all these gags, pin everything on the Easter Bunny. To make it funnier, fill candy baskets with anything except candies. Put a note from the Bunny at the bottom saying “April Fools!”.

  1. No Bunny

If you love to paint a trail of bunny footprints leading to the entrance, break the tradition. Paint footprints passing your house or do not paint them at all. The Bunny Easter never came!

Inspired? To make everything go off without a hitch, don’t forget about “basics”, such as paper straws & napkins, disposable dinnerware and tablecloths, table runners ,fabrics, balloons, pom pom balls, and beyond. Anyway, don’t go too far with pranks or your Easter brunch will be all tears.