Trending Wedding Colors & Combinations for 2021 You’ll Love!

Trending Wedding Colors & Combinations for 2021 You’ll Love!


When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing wedding colors right off the bat is something most brides consider to set the ball rolling. And rightly so, as settling on a wedding color palette helps drive all the visual components of the big day, from the invitations and flowers to the wedding venue and table decorations. Considering that wedding colors play such a crucial part in defining the theme and setting the tone for the big day celebrations, it is safe to say that the color palette should be inspired by personal preferences and style, seasonality, and location to bring everything together. But not all color combinations work well together, while some might sound perfect on paper they might not look as good when you actually pair the linens. Thus, to make things easier and inspire couples who are all set to tie the knot this year, we’ve curated a few tasteful color combinations that not only work impeccably well in reality but are also expected to be trending in the months to come. Scroll down below to find a blend that helps you add color to your love story!

1. Dusty Rose, Burgundy, and Rose Gold

2021 wedding colors

If there is one color that has taken the wedding industry by storm in the last couple of months and has no intention of winding down anytime soon, it’s dusty rose! Not too feminine yet oozing elegance and grace, this plain muted toned pink hue makes just the ideal wedding color for any and all seasons. Here we have paired this gorgeous hue with rich burgundy tones to add texture and depth to the wedding décor and also incorporated a shimmering metallic rose gold tint creating a wedding color palette that is intrinsically romantic and glamorous!

Since dusty rose sits on the spectrum of pink and we all know how well red and pink hues work together in a floral arrangement, we have used a gorgeous mix of dusty rose, burgundy, and rose gold-colored silk peonies and rose buds as the base for the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements while also adding lovely neutral shades to the mix using ivory silk peonies and luscious green foliage livening up the palette. However, to add stunning dimension to our floral table decorations, we brought in our lustrous tall rose gold flower ball stands that have elevated the wedding table decor to new heights in more than one way!

With the glorious dusty rose and burgundy-colored floral arrangements taking the spotlight on the table, we have incorporated some texture into our table settings with our rose gold reef textured chargers and a lush green sprig atop the dusty rose linen napkins pulling all the different features together for a harmonized appeal. Considering that every element of the decor should reinforce the color palette, outfitting the chairs with dusty rose satin chair covers was what helped make the trendiest color of the year truly stand out in this wedding color story.

2. Dusty Blue, Green, and Gold

2021 wedding colors

For couples and brides who are trying to go a little offbeat with their wedding color scheme, a dusty blue color palette with hints of gold and greenery is definitely worth considering. With its classy yet whimsically romantic appeal, this soft dusty blue shade is yet another color that works perfectly well in every season. No wonder it has gained such popularity in recent years!

As the tablescape is usually where all the wedding colors come together to create one beautiful design, we have laid the base for the head table with our dusty blue textured linen rectangular tablecloth and added gorgeous dimension with cascading garlands of long, frosted, wispy greens to breathe life into the color story. Whereas, the cake table and reception tables are outfitted in our round dusty blue textured tablecloths and also adorned with greenery garlands but with a warm ivory floral touch creating a cozy atmosphere that feels soothing and modern!

With dusty blue and green as the main driving forces of this stunning wedding color palette, we allowed metallic gold to serve as an accent shade to seamlessly tie the colors together. And what better way to incorporate this gleaming hue than introducing some sleek gold metal decor accessories into the tabletop decor. The chic tall gold metal flower stands topped with a beautiful arrangement of artificial ivory-colored hydrangeas and green foliage evoked a majestic and modish allure while the gold metal cage candle holders further highlighted the beauty of our glimmering gold and white flameless candles.

Since silver can be referred to as a cousin of dusty blue, adding it to the color palette will only accentuate the appeal of this subtly romantic palette. Hence, the round silver mirror glass charger plates featuring an ornate diamond beaded rim when paired with silver hammered rimmed plates and cutlery exuded elegance like none other! These wedding theme colors are edgy and refreshingly modern making this unlikely combo a match made in heaven!

3. Dusty Blue, Light Blue, and Navy Blue

2021 wedding colors

Looking for a tonal color palette? Nothing does it better than blue! From deep navy blue and midnight tints to elegant dusty blue and lighter shades of this tranquil hue, there are so many great shades in the blue color family making it a top pick for a color palette that doesn’t include a lot of colors. Have as many or as little of one or the other and it’ll always work out! However, for summer and spring weddings, lighter shades are more welcomed!

There is no denying that blue is one of those versatile and timeless wedding colors that can be used in all aspects of your big day. From the groom’s suit and bridesmaid’s gowns to wedding favors and more, but our preferred way of using it is with light blue table linens, dusty blue chiffon chair sashes, and satin napkins tied with exquisite pearl and rhinestone brooches. Not only these blue variations harmonized perfectly with the white drapes and green vines and sprig accents but they also added a serene and beautiful visual interest to the wedding decor.

However, for brides who would like to thread in some deeper tones as well into the blue wedding color palette, our navy blue runners and organza favor bags will add just the perfect amount of this darker tint to the tonal color story. This color palette is such a classic that it’ll always be a win no matter how you pair up those shades of blue!

Aren’t these color combinations a match made in heaven? With the trendiest wedding colors of the year right in the spotlight, you can never go wrong with either of these wedding color schemes for your big day decor. What colors would you like us to feature in our next blog? Let us know in the comments section below!