2 Bush | Burgundy Artificial Silk Peony, Rose and Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

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Quantity: 2 Bouquets (Total 12 Peonies, 4 Rose Buds & 36-40 Hydrangeas)
Flower Type: Peony, Rose & Hydrangea
Material: High Quality Silk & Plastic
Flower Color: Burgundy
Each Bouquet: 6 Peonies, 2 Rose Buds & 18-20 Hydrangeas
Total Height of Bouquet: 22"
Overall Width: 13"
Stem Height: 14" - 18"
Removable Flower Head: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Natural-looking, Soft and Big Artificial Peony, Rose Bud & Hydrangea Flower


    Artificial Silk Peony, Rose, & Hydrangea Flower Bouquet

    All it takes to create a swoon-worthy flower arrangement is a perfect blend of rich textures and lush colors adding just the right amount of flair into your décor. And nothing feels more enchanting than a lovely combination of beautiful peonies, delicate roses, and gorgeous hydrangeas swathing your party ambiance in an aura of luxury and grace.


    Lovely Fusion Of Flowers

    Intricately handcrafted with soft and smooth silk, our beautiful blooming accents will be the show stopper whether you drape them on an over-the-table stand, fill them in wooden planter boxes, or use them as a bridal bouquet. The delicate beauty and ethereal charm of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas will have an aesthetically pleasing impact on your invitees no matter how you display them.


    Perfect For All Occasions

    Take pride in accenting your events with all the pretty blossoms you’ve been dreaming of. Our artificial silk flowers are imbued with love to add a romantic flair into your event décor be it weddings, receptions, showers, birthdays, or any other special occasion. Decorate the aisle, style your chairs, create chic table centerpieces, and enrich your ambiance with the natural beauty and delicate charm of this floral bouquet.


    Additional Information:

    • Stem Color: Reddish Brown
    • Total Stem Count: 24 (12 stems per bush)
    • Total Leaves Count: 36 Per Bush
    • Leaves per Stem: 3
    • Length of a Leaf:  4"
    • Width of a Leaf: 2"
    • Length of Peony: 3" 
    • Width of Peony: 4"
    • Length of Rose Bud: 2.5"
    • Width of Rose Bud: 2"
    • Hydrangea Measures: 2.5"
    • 1 vase should fit 2 bouquets or more
    • Perfect use as single individual flowers or in bunches
    • Uses: Meeting Room Décor, Courtyard, Churchyard, Hotel, Restaurants, Catered Events, Anniversaries, Graduation, Art Work, Home Dining, Pew Bows, Backdrops and a Perfect Gift Idea.