Wedding Hairstyles: Pearls, Curls & More


You have the dress, the shoes, and the accessories. Don’t let your success get to your head – you still need to do something with that hair! If your hairstyle is hanging in the air, never fear. We tried out Pinterest for a few fun hairstyles that are great for the bride, maid of honor or any special lady of the hour. When the camera turns your way, make sure you have ‘the look’ from all angles!

Half Up-Do

This casual, yet elegant do is a stunning choice for any member of the bridal party. Play around with different styles to pull up the top half of the hair.

Experiment with pearl sprays and beads to not just help pin down the strays but also match the dress! 

(seen here


Sweet and Casual

For a beach or causal wedding theme the pretty elegance of the ponytail can be just the thing. It keeps the hair swept up for the reception, but still frames the face with carefully pulled out flyaways. Great for bridesmaids looking for an elegent updo without the beauty salon costs.

(seen here

Curves of Love

For a backless dress, like seen here, the full bodied curls are all you need. It’s a real princess style look – perfect to top with a tiara veil or just the tiara!

(seen here