What are Traditional Wedding Colors?

What are Traditional Wedding Colors?


The presence of loved ones and the colorful décor statements are the two things that can enliven a ceremony. Especially with a wedding ceremony, the brilliant color tones used in its décor elevate the vibe to a whole new level. In today’s modernist world, people use many wondrous combinations of pastels and hues. Some prefer subtle color tones while others ask for popping vibrancy. Undeniably modern and whimsical wedding color schemes add an eccentric elegance to the wedding ambiance, but the sophistication and charm exuded by traditional wedding colors is what many modern couples prefer in the world of today. So, what are traditional wedding colors? How do they impact the charm of your wedding ceremony? Well, Efavormart will help you find answers to all such questions with its mind blowing and classy range of décor products. We have rounded up some timeless traditional wedding color combinations in this blog to help you add grace and glamour into your wedding décor with the most popular traditional wedding color palettes and decoration supplies.

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The Alluring Combination of White and Blue

Black and white is the first and prominent traditional combination of wedding colors that strikes everyone’s mind while discussing wedding décor. The groom mostly is dressed in a black blazer and white is the most sought-after color choice for a bride’s gown. So, using a tone from the wedding color palette that will gel pretty well with black and white can be a great idea. Blue is a phenomenal color that will synchronize splendidly with white and black tones. Drape the wedding tables with the classy White Rectangular Spandex Tablecloths or with the grand White Flamingo Petals Tablecloths and pair them with gorgeous Royal Blue Satin Table Runners. Embellish the chairs elegantly and in accordance with the tables using White Universal Satin Covers and Royal Blue Spandex Chair Sashes. Combining white and royal blue wedding color schemes will work out like a charm as the royal blue tone gels well with black color as well.

The Gracefulness of Dusty Blue and Pastel Pink

Just like white and royal blue, dusty blue and pastel pink is another alliance that beautifies the wedding decorations with grace. Wedding color schemes involving dusty blue and pastel pink have been in use for many decades and will never get old. Build up a balloon arch using Dusty Blue Latex Balloons and Pastel Pink Latex Balloons either on one side of the stage or both sides and deck up the stage furthermore using Dusty Blue Artificial Dahlia Stems and Pink Artificial Real Touch Silk Flowers. The grace achieved using dusty blue and pink wedding colors will be a visual spectacle that will look enticing and impeccable.

The Popping Vibrancy of Red, Yellow, and Gold

If achieving some dashing vitality of color tones from the wedding color palette is your objective, then you can choose red, yellow, and gold color tones. Set up an eye-catching stage using the Red Sequin Curtains and suspend Yellow Paper Tissue Flower Balls in front. Elevate this vibrancy even more by spreading the Gold Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels to adorn the roof. Such wedding color ideas involving vibrancy and bold tones will surely leave your guests mesmerized with their awe-inspiring beauty and presence. The other advantage of using such bold wedding colors is that they make the photos all the more glorious as well.


The traditional wedding color palette has been in use for many decades but still, the prowess it shows in beautifying a ceremony is just unmatchable. If you are really not in a position to choose and decide which colors are going to be the mainstay in your wedding décor, then it is safe to say that you can choose these traditional wedding color schemes blindly. And as usual, we will be very glad to know your thoughts and ideas about other effective methods to use traditional colors for a wedding ceremony.