What Colors Are Good For Summer Wedding?

What Colors Are Good For Summer Wedding?


If spring is regarded as the queen of all seasons, summer very well deserves the title of being the king of all the seasons. It is characterized by long days, short nights, and endless fun. It is the perfect time to arrange weddings, throw parties, visit tourist destinations, do picnics, and spend time near the sea and sunbathing. You may easily decide to marry in the summer, but you may find it hard to select the perfect color palette for your summertime nuptials. If you are planning to tie the wedding knot this summer, you may have several questions in your mind like What colors are good for summer wedding? In what circumstances should I use them? What colors should form the wedding backdrop? We have composed a wedding color 2021 list to answer the above questions and several other questions that you may have in mind relating to your summer wedding.

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Feel Positive with Red, Orange, and Yellow

As everything is full of life and brightness in summers, it is time to pack away your drab heavy woollens and fill your wardrobe with light and bright summer wedding dresses. Any summer wedding color palette must have colors that reflect hope and optimism. And are there any colors better than red, orange, and yellow that reflect optimism? So, it is no wonder that these colors make easily into the wedding color 2021 list. On the wedding day, girls can opt for dresses like red flower girl dress, yellow flower dress, and satin layered dress.

Choose Peach, Light Green, & Sky Blue for Outdoor Wedding

Most of the weddings in summer are held outdoors. Simply look up and around to find an answer to what colors are good for summer wedding? Take inspiration from the green meadows and green trees that are full of colorful fruits. Spruce up your event space with our garden wall mat, green table runner, and grass panels. A shade of blue amongst the natural green would look stunning. For this, we suggest you go for our navy blue silk chrysanthemum flowers, royal blue hydrangea kissing balls, and light blue silk baby breath flowers. Add a touch of vibrancy to your summer wedding décor with cherry blossom hanging vines and peach tablecloths.

Aqua, Navy Blue, and Pale Cream: An Ideal Summer Wedding Color Palette

As summer is the time to play with the milky foam gushing from gurgling rivers and take a dip in deep blue still waters, bring vivid colors of blue and cream to your wedding scene. Dress your tables with a round blue tablecloth, satin table runner, and cheesecloth table runner. Don’t stop here, move ahead, and provide the finishing touches to your wedding table decoration with centerpieces that will be in use in the year 2021. Our see-through glass vases, cream floral placemats, and glass candle holders will do the bidding for the same. Artificial white cala lily flowers and cala lily string lights are other excellent options when we talk of wedding color 2021.

Serene Colors for Wedding Background

Even though bright and vibrant colors signify summer and are ideal for a summer wedding, these gaudy colors should not be overused as your guests may feel overwhelmed by the heavy dose. If you still are not clear about what colors are good for summer wedding, opt for contrasting colors of dark and light. Having a nice blend of dark and light will make your wedding décor stand out from the rest. To add a subtle touch to your wedding decoration, use a background of white wall panels and white arch décor. Choose our white curtain panels and adjustable wedding arch for the same.

Let the wedding color 2021 trends listed above solve the big question of what colors are good for summer wedding and help you arrange a beautiful summer wedding in 2021with ease.