What Do You Do With Unity Candle After The Wedding?

What Do You Do With Unity Candle After The Wedding?


Wedding is a romantic union of two souls deciding to share the rest of their lives together. It’s the time when you feel the desire to mark this life changing event in the most meaningful and intimate way. This is an ideal occasion to reaffirm your passion and devotion to each other for all the lovely years yet to come. As it is the two of you making life long commitments of love, loyalty, and closeness, the wedding celebration must be an extravaganza which will be cherished long after the celebrations are over. The radiance and the splendor of the candles in the wedding ceremony cannot be left unnoticed. Candles eliminate darkness and highlight how love can illuminate one’s life in the most beautiful way. Candles value more than just a decorative piece, and carry some ceremonial and ritual significance too. One of the most romantic and stunning ways to signify the bonding of the two individuals while still respecting each other’s uniqueness is through wedding unity candle ceremony. With so much to be preserved from your wedding day, if you are pondering what to do with unity candle after the wedding, then keep exploring some of the interesting ways to save these candles and keep the flicker of love glowing for all the beautiful years yet to come.

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A Glimpse of the Ceremony!

Your nuptial is a beautiful day to celebrate love and intimacy. One of the most absolute ways to treasure its emotional value is by unity candle lightening ceremony. The two taper candles are lit just before the couple makes life time commitments to signify the bonding of the two families. The bride and the groom then use these flickering candles to light the middle pillar candle. This glowing trio of wedding candles represents the formation of a united family and couple’s lifelong dedication to each other for a devoted marriage. As the wedding is all about connection and building memories that last a lifetime, you would surely desire to keep these beautiful mementos to cherish how you both embraced each other as partners. Keep reading for some unique ideas to help you preserve your loving memories from your big day by employing your unity candle in some exciting décor and craft purposes.

Hold them in holders.

If you wish to recall the amazing memories and lovely aromas from your wedding day, nothing would be better than nestling your wedding unity candles in the accurate holders that compliment them and enhance their beauty. Spruce up your interiors and transform your ordinary unity candle into an appealing visual art piece by choosing holders like chic Cinderella Carriage Crystal Candle Holder or elegant Gold Floral Lace candle holder. These lovely candle containers not only exude radiance in your entire space but also reserve fond moments from your unity candle ceremony for a long time.

Array of Creativity!

Rekindle and reminisce your lovely union by pulling in wonderful memories from your special day which surely keep your romance as fresh as ever. Choose a cozy corner in your bedroom to showcase the flame of your love from your wedding day. Place your wedding unity candles on round or square table with a stunning table cover to highlight these darling bundles of love. Your creativity along with some striking clear reversible clarinet glass trumpet vase and silver palm leaves will add vibrancy and class to your beautiful display. Frame a perfect photo of both of you with your beautiful smiles to add happy vibes to your delightful corner. The best thing about this idea is you can always renew it with a little doze of your own intimacy and creativity. This dazzling display will surely keep your lovely memories alive and cheer you up every time you see it.


Treasure Forever!

Many couples wonder how the wedding day, which they have been looking forward to for days goes by so quickly. Additionally, your best day turn out to become the most hectic day of your life which passes on too quickly, letting you miss on enjoying the little moments of your big day. Both of you as newlyweds would love to renew and relive the best moments from your wedding day. A unique silver mirrored memory box would be a great idea to save your wedding unity candles along with some other treasures like wedding invite, cake topper or lovely cards and notes, and whatever your heart desires. Remember to bring back the sparkle of your wedding by lightning up your wedding unity candle on your wedding anniversary each year and experience the same love and intimacy as of the first day.




Whether you wish to home your wedding unity candles in holders for a glamorous display or keep them safe to be treasured for years, use these awe-inspiring accent options to cherish your special day for all the beautiful years you both share together. Share you inventive ideas and incredible experiences with us in the comment section below.