What Do You Put On A Memorial Table?

What Do You Put On A Memorial Table?


A wedding is that special event in our life that we want to celebrate with our loved ones to make everlasting memories. But sometimes the most precious people of our life are not around to share these merry moments of happiness with us. By setting up a memory table at wedding, these departed nearest and dearest ones can be remembered at such an important occasion of our life. And when it comes to setting a memory table at a wedding, one may wonder; what do you put on a memorial table? Well there are plenty of simple and unique ideas for a memorial table at wedding and by incorporating them you can honor the deceased in an exquisite manner. Here we’ve gathered some amazing ideas to inspire you to setup a gorgeous memory table at wedding.

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Display Pictures

Create an adorable memorial table by displaying the pictures of deceased loved ones on the table. Swathe the table with an ivory tablecloth and position the picture frames and add place cards with names and relationship at the front for a heart touching appeal. Also, scatter clear votive candle holders to ooze sparkle and glow. Arrange a lovely memory table at your rustic themed wedding by stylishly stacking smoked brown wood planter boxes and putting the picture frames inside them to impart a rustic flair. Also, inset LED tea light candles in antique silver mercury glass candle holders and place them with picture for an enticing allure.

Decorate With Flowers

Arrange gorgeous flowers on the memorial table to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your event. Try opting for the flowers that were personal favorites of the deceased one for a heartfelt display. Set an adjustable table arch rod stand on the table, cover the stand with eucalyptus & boxwood leaves vines, suspend bulb string lights, and also hang the photo frames from the arch using crystal acrylic bead chains to impart a charismatic allure. Or keep it classy and simple by spreading the jute runner on the table and flaunt gorgeous white roses and baby breaths in mason jars embellished with twine for a spectacular appeal.

Illuminate With Candles

Lighting up the candles in the loving memory of your dearly departed ones is a beautiful and heartening way to remember them on your big day. Create a simple yet charming table by positioning gold dripless candles along with the name tags to ooze sparkle and glow. You can also inset LED candles in cylindrical vases and position them on the table along with frosted votive candle holders to exude subtle radiance. Further enhance its appeal by scattering pink rose petals for a fabulous memorial table decor. Moreover, add a personalized touch by using customized candles or candle holders with the pictures and names of deceased to cherish their memories in a heart touching manner.

Unique Ideas For An Outstanding Memorial Table Decor

There are many spectacular memory table at wedding ideas to remember your loved ones in heaven in a wonderful way. One great ideas is to adorn the table with a silver sequin tablecloth and arrange a white manzanita tree with acrylic chains at the center. Suspend the pictures of your beloveds from the tree and flaunt cream peonies in clear vases. Also, scatter ivory rose petals and place clear votive candle holders all over the table for an exquisite display.


There are plenty of ideas to decorate the memory table at wedding so are you planning to honor the loved ones at your wedding? Let us know how you are decorating the memorial table in the comments section below!