What Is An Overlay For Table?

What Is An Overlay For Table?


Whether you are planning to decorate a wedding table or arrange a formal dinner at home, table beautification is one of the most essential parts to add the final flourish to your overall setting.  Earlier, tablecloths and runners were the only linens used to dress up the tabletops but now table overlays have become the new trend due to their stunning visual appeal and timeless elegance. This additional layer of drapery, which is used on top of any tablecloth, effortlessly becomes the highlight of every dinner you enjoy with your loved ones. When setting your dinner table, allow your inner creativity to run wild and go beyond usual decorations by replacing your runner with a sleek and contemporary overlay. If you are still confused about what is an overlay for table, keep scrolling through this ultimate table overlay guide not just to get all your queries answered but to also discover our grand collection of lavish and trendy table overlays.

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What Size Table Overlay Do I Need?

If you want to get your table arrangements started on the right foot, there are some factors to be considered like color combination and texture but the most important amongst all is the right size and correct measurements. To achieve your dream decorations, some frequently used sizes look exceptionally well when paired with the right table size. A 60"x60" or 72" x72" square table overlay would best fit on your 48" table whereas your 10 seated round table will look elegant with a 90"x90" table overlay. To find the right spread, make sure you know your table diameter before purchasing your table linens.

After the measurements have been taken comes the task to choose the most suitable fabric and style that will take your table décor to the next level and bring a sense of energy and elegance to the entire ambiance. Keep on reading to discover an amazing range of top-notch table overlays with endless decor inspirations for various celebrative occasions.

Impart Gorgeous Sheen With Premium Overlays

Nothing sets the mood for a meal quite like attractive tables. Undoubtedly, complementing your tables with high-quality overlays is a classic choice. From celebrating another year around the sun and making memories on Valentine’s Day to starting a brand new journey with your loved one, your tables are always the main focal point throughout all the celebrative events. Whether you are looking for satin table overlays or sequin overlays, our variety is huge as far as colors, texture, and designs are concerned. Make your high-end events even more sophisticated with our organza and velvet overlays. These optimum quality drapes when paired with our deluxe tablecloths add a sense of elegance and exotic persona to your event décor.

Add A Festive Touch To Your Cheerful Moments

A dining table is the heart of every meal you share with your family and if you are searching for a décor accent that gives you the opportunity to think outside the box and get all creative with your dining table decorations, a table overlay will perfectly do the trick for you. Table overlays are not only draped over tables for celebrative occasions but our lace table overlays, and polyester overlays work best for family gatherings and dinners as well. Trust us, your table overlay doesn’t have to be fancy to look stylish as it is one of those simple table decorations that appear to be as stylish as extravagant ones. This extra layer of drapery not only makes your merry moments with your family extra special but also gives a facelift to your overall table arrangement.

Certainly, table overlays create a stunning display and add texture and style to your simple tables. At efavormart, you will find premium quality event linens at affordable rates. Do share with us which table overlays you like the most in the comment section below.