What Is Table Skirt Used For?

What Is Table Skirt Used For?


Whether you are planning to arrange a formal dinner at home or it’s an exceptional and festive celebration that requires adding an extra dose of elegance and class to your party table decorations, a table skirt is the perfect decorative accessory that transforms your ordinary tables into regal tablescapes. Although tablecloth is the first and the foremost thing to pick when it comes to deciding on table decoration, but a table skirt is also an important addition that adds a final finish to your overall setting. The table skirt is a linear table linen that covers the sides of the table. It is not only used to revamp your simple tables but also helps conceal the worn-out table legs and under–the-table items. So, if you have decided to perk up your next gathering using skirted tables, but are unsure about what is table skirt used for, keep reading to discover some of the key reasons and guidelines on beautifying your tables with skirts and taking your table décor up several notches.

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What Is The Skirt Of A Table?

A table skirt is an attractive covering that is attached only to the perimeter of the table, unlike the tablecloth that only covers the top of the table. This decorative table linen that drapes to the floor is most commonly used for dining tables, cake tables, sweetheart tables, or any other specific table that you want to adorn and highlight. As the table skirting only covers the lowermost portion of your tables, you will surely need matching tablecloths and stylish overlays to beautifully adorn the top of your tables for an immaculate finish. It is always suggested to use a table skirting and tablecloth that is similar in color and material but experimenting with a mix and match color scheme can also reveal some excellent results like our range of pink table skirts looks fabulous when paired with white tablecloths adding voluminous textures to your table décor. Moreover, if you are looking for stain-resistant and waterproof table skirts then plastic table skirts could be your ultimate choice.     

How Does A Table Skirt Attach To The Table?

Although, skirted tables instantly grab attention while giving a glamourous touch to your simple tables but flawlessly skirting a table with a perfect finish is truly an art. After measuring the thickness of the top of your table, you can easily determine the size of the required table skirt clips to attach your preferred skirts with ease. Our premium quality skirting clips come with a Velcro on the back for easy attachment. No matter if it’s a delicate tulle table skirt or an enchanting curly willow table skirt, our heavy-duty metal table skirt clips will hold your skirts for unlimited hours and can be easily detached and reused for several other occasions.

What Size Table Skirt Do I Need For A 6ft Table?

Table skirts are a fanciful way to provide a simplified yet lavish look to your tables. They are perfect for giving ample coverage to the items stored beneath the table and hiding extra pieces of table covers, while still allowing you to stylishly exhibit your theme and style. For a perfect table skirt length, first, you need to decide on how many sides of the table you wish to skirt. If it’s a free-standing table, then you might need to skirt all four sides otherwise a three sided skirting would be enough if one side of the table is to be pushed against a wall. For a 6ft table, it is recommended to opt for a 17ft table skirt to impart a refined and sophisticated flair to all four sides of your table whereas a 14ft table skirt would be long enough to cover three sides of the table.

Table skirts are the most elegant, cost-effective, and functional table decor accessory that helps complement your overall décor. They look equally beautiful when paired with similar table linens or used in contrasting hues. Which of our table skirts will you be ordering for your tables? Do let us know in the comment section below.