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Candy Buffet Decoration


The beautiful flowing ruffles of our curly willow table skirts corresponds to the stylish inspiration from the renowned natural curve of a curly willow. The cunning playful fibers of Curly Willow Taffeta Table Skirt is great to adorn reception tables and emphasize main items, like photo albums, wedding cakes, trophies, and other keepsakes. Intensify the beauty of our charismatic willow skirt in an outdoor setting with a soft, cool breeze blowing the ruffles, transforming the entire ambiance into an empyrean flight to a fantasy land!   

Intricately handcrafted from heavy-duty gold plated hanging wrought iron tall candle holders for centerpieces. Embrace the modern flair with our amazing range of unique shaped gold orbz balloons. These orbz balloons wholesale mimic the glorious glowing balls of wonderland. With glossy lustrous foil surface and a huge 4D round shape, our orbz balloons wholesale make a perfect decorative accent for birthdays, showers, weddings, promotions, holiday functions, and special events.   

Our bird cage candle holder centerpieces look beautiful as a self-reliant decor but can also complement other ornamentation details. Whether you are planning a glamorous, vintage styled, or even rustic themed wedding incorporate these bedazzling birdcages with your already chic decor to create an enticing spectacle to behold. Perfect as centerpieces or as a classy alternative to Honeymoon Fund Box, Wishing Well, Place Card Holders, or even Guest Book substitute.   

Fly free with the tempting look of our soft to the touch feather trim fringe. From turkey feathers to goose and ostrich, there will be no scarcity of these plumes. Great for warm sweaters worn at beach parties, this fringe trim adds a natural touch to styled fabrics. Or get that cool, bohemian home look with feather fringe embellished onto lamp shades. Feather fringe trims can also be used as a home decor all on its own. Get creative with crafting using feather trim fringe, a versatile crafting material that is great for use to emphasize trims. These soft, limber, and thin feathers are individually strung along a strip. They can also be used for costume designing, wedding decors, flower bouquet accenting, and an abundance of more crafting prospects!

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