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Flower Decorations & Silk Petals


Are you in search of ideas on how to decorate room with rose petals and candles to add a romantic vibe on your date, or a wedding party? Or wondering where to buy rose petals for bed to celebrate your anniversary? Lucky you! Your search ends here! Browse and shop from our collection of silk flowers in bulk for weddings and fake flower petals bulk or just a few bunches. Adding up flowers and silk petals in your decoration is a concept that never goes out of style, it is timeless and a must-have in every type of occasion and celebration.

You will also adore our flower decoration for wedding stages, aisles, favors, and table centerpieces. For flower arrangements, we have the classic and most popular filler which can also be used as a stand-alone to create wonderful centerpieces, the Baby Breath Flowers. It is the ideal filling flower because of its abundant cloud-like blooms covering its branches, creating an overall softening effect. But if you want to step up your flower or home decorating ideas, you can also check out our elegant and realistic Peacock Feathers With Artificial Grass for bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral set up. The vibrant colors and softness of these feathers will make just about any centerpiece look fresh, trendy and complement just about any home decor style. On the other hand, give a luxurious and breathtaking experience to your guests by accentuating your tables with Silk Petals and Flower Candle Rings. We also have an assortment of paper and burlap flowers to decorate your home, office, parties, and all! They are available in several sizes that can be used to decorate gloomy walls and tables or wherever you feel appropriate!

Shop to decorate room with rose petals and candles and sit back as these timeless pieces produce a romantic ambiance with your loved one. We also recommend our realistic silk fake white rose petals and Assorted Artificial Maple Leaves for you to sprinkle on your tables and aisle ways to stir such an amorous mood. Go now! Shop and you will definitely love this Flower Decorations and Silk Petals collection of ours!

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