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Flower Vases & Terrariums

A well-designed centerpiece is the key to a perfect table presentation. If you don’t want your floral arrangements, votive candles, or kissing balls to get lost with other decorations, you can heighten their attractiveness with our charming terrariums and vases.

Whether you need a couple of cheap glass vases for centerpieces for your wedding or a terrarium vase for your next exotic style event, we have always something to offer. Thus, in our selection of wedding flower vases, you’ll discover tons of square glass vases for centerpieces, such as our 16'' square glass centerpiece vase;  gold vases for centerpieces, such as our 29'' sleek metallic gold reversible votive candle holder floral vase feather ball; or tall vases for centerpieces, such as our 36'' Eiffel tower wedding glass vases. To add an imperial sheen into your aisles, you can choose from our selection of floor vases and prop columns, which includes our silver mirror mosaic polystone flower floor vase and 36'' rose gold mirror mosaic polystone floor vase.  In case glass, silver, gold, or rose gold vases in bulk are not exactly what you need to achieve that exotic vibe, we can help you with our terrarium centerpiece collection, which carries a graceful globe glass terrarium, freefalling teardrop glass terrarium, and beyond!

Though our vases and terrariums look gorgeous with florals, you can also use them to house petals, to augment the visual appeal of your votive candles, or even to craft easy DIY floating centerpieces – the sky’s the limit!

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